New Year’s Resolution – Looking Good

I know it’s a little too late to write this but I guess being late is better than never, hahahahaha. Well I don’t have a whole list of New Year’s resolution for 2010. I’ve only decided to write this post because I was talking to twinny and she was telling me that her New Year’s resolution is “To look my best everyday. No more sloppy Doris”. And I thought, I should totally do that too!

I have been sooooo slack the past two years I hardly even try to look good anymore. I wake up 15 minutes before work everyday, same look in the office almost every week and it gets worse when I’m at home, especially during the weekends!

I wouldn’t blame Wing Kin if he doesn’t check me out in the morning and tell me I look beautiful anymore, ‘cos even I find myself very sloppy-looking nowadays 😦 And even as I speak type, I notice that I’m in my Paul Frank PJs, my hair in a messy bun, looking sloppier than ever! But I can be excused today because I’m actually down with a flu 😦 The aftermath of swallowing TOO much Mirian food for the past 1 week, haha.

So yes, I should start taking good care of myself. I’m turning 25 soon, not 18 anymore, sounds like it’s a good time to start using anti-aging product. After all, I’m not born with the perfect skin – pimples & blackheads still linger like a bad breath. I know I have to work hard to have good skin.

I have to moisturize my skin as often as I can. I stopped my lotion-after-shower regime after I started working and that is just BAD.

I also have to make sure that I smell good at all times. Nothing beats the sweet scent of a woman.

I know I’m the most lazy when it comes to hair treatment but I should attempt a hair mask DIY at home at least once a month?

The wardrobe? I cleared out some clothes before I left Perth last week. Reason 1: My wardrobe simply can’t fit so much clothes I’m afraid the clothes rail’s gonna break on me anytime (I have a lot of clothes but I wear the same ones all the time -_-). Reason 2: Chinese saying “if the old ones don’t go, the new ones don’t come”. JENG JENG JENG!

So yeah, it’s time to look my best and not get sloppy anymore. After all, I’m only 24 and if I’m already like an ah mu, how will my partner continue to find me attractive? (I think he already doesn’t T_T)

It’s time to attract some more male attention so it’ll boost my self esteem and make men treasure me more hahahahahahahaha /vain mode on.

Thank you Doris. You are an inspiration 😉


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution – Looking Good”

  1. weiiiiiiii,….. how come i come back also get sick… blocked nose first then now flu…. 😦 so kolien… cannot even breathe at night, lol!!!! must breathe through the mouth HAHAHAAH :p


    1. Same here lah!!!!! Blocked nose, then flu, and then I even had fever this afternoon 😦 Doc gave me some antibiotics and flu medicine. So kolien leh and ya ya ya had to breathe with my mouth at night HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sameeeeeee one!

      Sorry don’t think can go out with you tmr cos I’m cooped up at home “resting” so I’ll “get well soon”, LOL.


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