I’ll Miss Miri Once Again

Can’t believe I’ve been back in Miri for 11 days already. Gonna leave home again tomorrow evening but I felt like I’ve only just arrived a couple of days ago. I’m gonna miss Miri once again, much more this time.

I’m down with a flu, and a slight fever this afternoon. I hate to be sick at this time (think of all the shopping walking I’ll have to do while in KL!) but I can’t blame anyone but myself because I’ve been stuffing myself silly with all those tempting Miri food.

I think I’ve had almost EVERYTHING you’re supposed to eat while in Miri, except nasi lemak. I shall save that for the next time. Not really a big fan of it anyway.

So yeah, my body temperature went up so high I was constantly complaining about the heat and the mosquitoes wouldn’t quit biting me 😦 After 7 victorious days without getting sick (I always, always, always fall sick within the first few days after I arrive in Miri), I finally fell ill.

I’ve made my mum very happy during this trip because I hardly left home and I know she loves it when I’m homey, hahahahahaha. Plus I got her to sayang me because of the finger incident, awwwww……

And I noticed that my sister is such a good little helper around the house nowadays. She does the girlie chores like laundry, cooking, baking & feeding the dog, haha. She is such a good baker I tell ya! She made a birthday cake for my brother the other night and everyone loves it. Honestly, when I was her age, I totally hated, HATED doing house chores. I’m like, the laziest girl you can ever meet, hahahaha. I did the chores because I was FORCED to and my aunts used to lecture me a lot if I didn’t help out around the house, lol. But my sister’s different. She does them willingly most of the time. *Sayang*

My brother? Um, just picture a 5-year-old boy stuck in a 21-year-old grown up’s body. Fullstop.

I met up with some ex-classmates & schoolmates. It was good seeing all of them once again, hehe. Johnny said I haven’t changed at all. Same look, same hair. And he referred to me as Michael’s “jiu cai” -_- Hmph!

  • Adey, you make me laugh soooo much I would like to keep you as my pet, lol! Next time don’t bring me holan on the road again!
  • Regina, sorry I so boh sim only contacted you after a few days *runs away scared* but I’m sooo happy so see you again, hehehehe. You’re always so gentle with me I feel so chu lu sitting next to you HAHAHAHA πŸ˜›
  • Chia Yei, it was nice meeting up again girl! You’re hot as usual. Hope you’ll have a wonderful time with Leonard when he comes over and when you’re in Sg. πŸ™‚
  • Ru Hui!!! Haven’t seen you for aaaaages so glad you came out to meet up that night. Good luck in your internship and hopefully see you in Aus some time?
  • Teck Lim, thank you for picking me up and sending me home, hahahaha. Good luck in your work and hope you’ll find “someone” soon yeah? πŸ˜‰
  • Siew Fah, nice seeing you again. Hope your trips to Taiwan & Europe will be successful and oh boy, I do hope Adeline will be a good tour guide because I kinda doubt her direction guides! Hint hint!
  • Johnny, take good care of your girl and be a good boy πŸ˜‰

Also met up with lots of relatives and all of them berebut-rebut to chia me eat. How bahagia, right? I don’t know if i gained any weight or not. I probably did. But lost them when I got sick.

I actually wanted to cut my hair real short like Sammi’s new hairstyle for her concert and color it. But I have a fringe and so it wouldn’t be suitable. Plus I don’t wanna go through the trouble of having dark roots that don’t match the rest of my hair so yeah… I am so not adventurous! 😦

Yawns. Guess it’s time for me to hit the sack now. Tomorrow’s gonna be my last day in Miri for this trip. Man, I miss Miri already 😦


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2 thoughts on “I’ll Miss Miri Once Again”

  1. i’m sorry dear that i couldn’t make it to meet u up when u were in kl. vera did contact me but i really couldn’t make it. it was really bad times. with all the packing and some fren’s birthday party on a row, gosh, i was really at my limits. but i hope we can meet up someday πŸ™‚ if not, we’ll meet online. as usual. i hope u’re not unhappy with me. so sorry. truly i am.


    1. heyyy yea that’s okay. i actually got her to text u to ask u again cos my credit was limited hahahaha. but that’s okay. we can always meet up again next time! no hard feelings. πŸ™‚ hope everything’s okay now u can finally take a rest haha. i’m back at work again today. don’t know if i still remember how to work or not, lols.


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