Miri/KL Trip

Konnichiwa! I’m back in Perth. Back since yesterday. Can’t believe my 2 weeks holiday is officially over! I’m back at the office today. I know. So rajin right? But in fact, I’m the “worst” one among the bunch. My colleagues and my BOSSES started working 2 days ago, hahaha.

Anyway, I have like a gazillion photos in my camera but it’s impossible for me to post every single photo and put a caption to it so I just combined some photos that pretty much sum up what I did back in Miri & KL. I might have missed out some photos (such as photos of my roasted duck rice) but don’t complain ‘cos I’ve already so many photos of other food!

The irresistible Malaysian food. It’s these food that made my body so hot (temperature kind of hot though you can call me hawt also HAHAHA wtf) that I fell sick T_T

The Voons.

One of the many family dinners I had, hehe. Thanks to my granduncle & grandaunt, aunts & uncles who cooked for me & treated me lunch & dinner.

Most of all, thank you Mother & Nini, for cooking me so much good food while I was back ♥

Meeting up with my cousins and some old friends. Siaw Wan, I shall ucapkan terima kasih yang gemuruh (inside joke – remember jualan gemuruh? :P) to you for your great hospitality while I was in KL, hehehe. Same to Yin zeze & Siaw Pei zeze.

The friends I met up with in KL. Man, the guys are still acting the SAME WAY as they did back during the secondary school days. Hector would burp, keep it in his mouth, and blow it to Brian’s face and I’ll be like WTF?!?!?! o_O

Thank you peeps for taking the time to come out and meet me, hehehehe. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did! 🙂

Oh yes, KL is a shopping heaven. I don’t think I ever got to explore this side of KL the last time I went there, as I was 19 – young and penniless, HA! We shopped like crazy for the first 2 days and our batteries went flat on the 3rd, hahahaha. I wouldn’t mind going for another shopping frenzy with my cousins again. It’s always good to have encouraging shopping partners, HAHAHAHA.

Pampered myself with a massage for the first time in my life after a crazy shopping day /big wet eyes. Our legs & shoulders were sore like hell so it was nice to soak our feet in hot water and have them massaged.

It was sooooo relaxing I wish they had one here in Perth with the same affordable price. It’s just so unfair that everything is so expensive here! 😦

Bye Miri! Bye KL! I had SO MUCH FUN this time. 🙂 The only complaint I have from my trip to KL – the 6a.m. “wake up call” from the mosque every morning. I timed the first morning’s and it lasted for about 15 minutes. The 2nd morning? ONE FRIGGIN’ HOUR T_T. Thank goodness the 3rd morning’s only lasted half an hour and not 2 hours.

Oh and have you heard about the burning of the churches? Seriously. Had it been the Catholics who had lost the court case, I don’t think we would’ve burned down mosques. So why the fark?!


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4 thoughts on “Miri/KL Trip”

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaah…SO much fun..I also want to go back now.
    I totally did the whole shopping n then foot massage in KL..and I swear i was wishing for the same thing for the same price here in Canada..sigh..my foot very very sore now..hahah suddenly feel sore..hahahha

    Ya..i dont get the burning of the church thing..what did the muslims lose? what happened?


    1. ya i had a lot of fun this time leh! i do wanna go back again for the next time, hehehe.

      the church burning thingy happened because the m’sian muslims said catholics are not allowed to use the word “Allah” and they brought this to the court. then the judge said catholics are allowed to use the word and well, some muslims were unhappy and they burnt down 3 churches in semenanjung loh. i think a church in miri got stoned as well. 😦


  2. ya..what a stupid thing to start all this.
    What happened to freedom of speech etc?
    anyways, I wonder what part of the bible or al quran tells them that burning down other peoples stuff is MORALE? I just realized how uncivilized this whole thing is. Perhaps they should be reminded that we are all given a brain, so use it wisely. You can also get your way by being nice.


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