Got Milk?

The other night as I was showering, it suddenly occurred to me that the milk in the fridge had just expired. And immediately, I thought of my ex-housemate who used to cleanse her face with just-expired milk (like on the expiry date itself or the next day) and her telling us how smooth her face was each time after this beauty regime.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try as well. Not really knowing what I was gonna get but I was being pretty positive about it – telling Wing Kin how smooth and supple my face will be afterwards, lol. So we took the milk out of the fridge and I was all set & ready to do it.

Just then, Kin laughed and said, “It’s gonna be COLD.” Shit. It is! Since I just took it out of the fridge. -_- But I couldn’t back down. Man, I WANTED to do it, right there and then!

So yeah, I got him to pour the friggin’ cold milk into my hands then I splashed it onto my face. That bloody cold liquid on my face, argh! But I thought to myself, I’ll have a smooth skin, I’ll have a smooth skin, I’ll have a smooth skin.

After several repetitions, I was done and happy as can be! I was all, “Oh bii, it feels sooo smooth! Seriously! Feel it! Mmmm…….”

Well, that did it! He rolled his eyes and walked to the basin, wanting to try as well, hahahahahaha.

Minutes later, he was resting on the bed and suddenly yelled out, “EEE!! MY FACE STINKS!!!!”


Shit. The milk HAS expired after all. That must leave a certain “scent” on your face afterwards, HAHAHAHA.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

8 thoughts on “Got Milk?”

    1. HAHAHA!!! I thought you were gonna say something like “ew i’m not gonna smell your face the next time i see you” or something 😛

      Don’t know if others are willing to try or not, lol!! If they do then bo bien la 😀


  1. Hahaha…u 2 are adorable.
    I also have spoilt milk in my fridge..but it’s like 3 weeks spoilt -_-

    cant u use it and then wash it over with something nice-smelling?


    1. HAHAHA!! Aww Doris. Yes I think you can but I don’t know if it’ll work the same? But Wing Kin did use some other cleanser to cover the smell afterwards. But I didn’t. I wanted the natural milk-thingy to seep into my skin without being washed away, HAHAHA!

      But don’t worry, I’m not doing this very often 😛


  2. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. that’s funny!

    at least u do have soft skin. just wash it up the next morning and it’ll all be good. or else don’t admit that it’s ur face that stinks. lols


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