Australia Day 2010

So we and a couple of friends celebrated Australia Day together yesterday. It’s always awesome to wake up to a public holiday! I got to sleep in till 10:30 a.m. 😛

Woke up, did some cleaning around the house then prepared some sandwiches for the arvo picnic at Matilda Bay.

We parked at my boss’ house to avoid the post-skyworks show traffic jam. Had to do a little bit of walking though but it’s good to keep the spare tyre away 😉

Basically, we arrived early to grab a good spot (1. shade – check! 2. good view – check!), have a little picnic by ourselves – plenty of sandwiches, chips, bananas & juice.

We girls occupied ourselves with knitting & crocheting HAHAHA!! Yes, KNITTING & CROCHETING IN THE PUBLIC. Who knows someone gets interested in our work and wants to buy some on the spot right?!?!

The guys were mucking around and playing Vivien’s DS.

I have noooo idea how the time passed by so quickly after the first half an hour ‘cos before I know it, it was 30 minutes before the skyworks show already! Gee!

The show was pretty but not VEEERRY impressive for us because we only caught the side view of it and the fireworks seem a bit tiny because of the distance. 😦 The next time I’m celebrating Australia Day here again, I’d go to the foreshore. But that means getting there even EARLIER and traffic jam all the way back home. But maybe it’ll be worth the wait.

Alright, enough of the talking and enjoy the rest of the 2,192,437,568 photos!!!!!! You’ve been warned.

First up! A vain shot of myself in the car hehehe. Curled my hair a bit without any serum so it all fell down in the humid weather within an hour 😦

Blondie selling Australian flags. Plenty of them around that day but this was the only presentable shot I got -_-

Lots and lots of families!! Most of them had Aussie flags (real ones and fake tattoo-ed ones on their faces, arms, torsos, whatevers).

Weeeeee I am a super Aussie girl!!

Woohoo another girl selling Australian flags! What did I tell you!

Some families brought tables and chairs so they could have their dinner there. We only had a picnic rug but that was good enough as long as we were keeping our bums clean 🙂

And sometimes I forget I’m in a Western country because I interact mostly with Asians everyday. Kin is an Asian, my bosses are Asians, my mates whom I usually hang out with are Asians and the only time I see angmohs are when we have clients in the office, or when I go to the client’s, or when I go out!

But just look at this adorable angmoh baby, isn’t he adorable?!?!

*Makes mental note* Should go out more often to remind myself I’m in an angmoh country.

More toddler yumminess! When can I have one of my own? *Wishful thinking

Muahahahaha, our amigurumi collection! Lots and lots of amigurumi bunnies in the box ‘cos we recently received quite a “big” order from a customer hehe.

Our Valentine’s Amigurumi Bunnies enjoying their first sunset together. Everybody say awwww……

Boy: Which one would you choose? Bread or love?

Girl: You of course!!

Wtf did that make sense at all lol!

Will be available for sale soon!!! 😀

Fi and Vivien posing with one of our artworks.

The girls!

Me & my boo! ❤

Group photo before the skyworks show starts!

The rest of the photos are just shots of the fireworks. I took like 289 shots last night but handpicked a few for your viewing. Hope you like them!

And that wraps it up for our Australia Day 2010! Tata!


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Jessica Blaise S

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4 thoughts on “Australia Day 2010”

  1. NICE!! the pics of the skyworks!! Mine’s like …. hmmm … even your nose shit is bigger than the skyworks. will steal from you =) the pictures i mean. not your nose shit. you can keep that for yourself.


    1. HAHAHA WTF!!

      Why don’t you want my nose shit though? 😥 I thought real friends share and care! Care bear!!

      Thanks for the compliments 😛


  2. amoi ah, i’ve known u so long pun i won’t have ur nose shit la LOL but the photos were terrific. amazing moi. next time u sud stay here for cny. so u can capture all the nice fireworks here in miri during cny eve 😀 go up to the petroleum museum and u’ll have the best spot. keep up the good job. hope to see more photos soon 🙂 take care.


    1. Awwww thanks babe!! Ya I’d love to spend CNY back home again. It’s just so different to celebrate it here without family, relatives & friends. You take care too!!! *hugssss*


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