Checklist to a Weekend Getaway

In no particular order:

  • Cameras – Check!
  • Painted holiday nails – Check!
  • SPF30+ sunscreen lotion – Check!
  • Swimwear – Check!
  • Shades – Check!
  • iPod – Check!
  • Haruki Murakami – Check!



Just Because

An Unexpected Greeting

My mum just wished me “happy birthday” on MSN and I went, “Eh? Is it my birthday today?”

It is actually. My Chinese birthday, hehe. So yeah, happy birthday to myself! I didn’t even remember!

One of our clients treated us to an extravagant dinner tonight at Han Palace and all of us filled out tummies with good food for the night. Guess that’ll make do as a celebration for myself today, haha.

On another note, my hair is getting so thick that I’m thinking of getting a really short haircut. But I’m worried that I’ll have to trim it very often with a short ‘do. Dilemma dilemma.


Am super in love with this song currently after watching 28 episodes of 《就想赖着你》/”Down With Love” for 4 nights straight.

I’ve never quite liked watching Taiwanese drama ‘cos I think they’re too draggy and most of the actors/actresses can’t really act. I also never liked F4 ‘cos I think they sucked at “Meteor Garden”. I didn’t even bother watching the 2nd episode after watching the 1st.

HOWEVER, after watching “Down With Love”, I’m starting to go goo-goo-ga-ga over 言承旭 and 张勋杰 omgwtfbbq  /drools.

Ella is soooo lucky to have both of them like her in this series, lol lol.

I’ll be soooo lucky if I dream of them tonight WAHAHAHA wtf. Feels like I’m 16 once again hehehehehehehehehe.

2 Years Later I’m At His Graduation Again

Oh hi everyone! As promised, I’m writing an entry on Wing Kin’s graduation ceremony that took place last Tuesday.

Two years ago, he came over to Perth to attend his graduation ceremony for his Degree. I sent the three of ’em (him, the brother, and Meng) to the Perth Convention Centre but didn’t get to attend the ceremony myself because we didn’t have an extra ticket *feels left out, just kidding, hehe. I had to pick them up again after the ceremony so I dressed myself up nicely just to take some photos with the fresh grad 😛 But guess what! He had already returned the regalia by the time I arrived to pick them up -_-

Two years later, I decided to wear the same BCBG dress (what!) to the ceremony. It’s because that dress is still the classiest in my wardrobe as of now. And this time, I’m not attending the ceremony as a friend, but as a girlfriend HAHA wtf like damn bangga 😆

Took a few obligatory camwhore shots in the car. It was quite embarrassing for me because his dad was sitting in front and he could tell I was taking vain shots of myself with all the flash & “chekeeeh!” going on at the back 😳

And thanks to me and my camwhoring ritual, the low battery indicator started blinking after taking 3 shots of Wing Kin. And I even forgot to bring the DSLR with me T_T

So sorry baby.

With Kang. Ahn young ha sae yo!!!

Photo credit: Benjamin

I think it’s the prettiest shot of us that night, hehe. Thanks Ben!

We headed to Burswood Casino after that to bring Kin’s dad around. While I was in the toilet, the two of them were trying out the “Beautify” function on his father’s camera.

Apparently the camera gives your photo an instant photoshop and transforms/beautifies your face hahahaha.

They made me do mine when I got out and guess what, it really works! Kin’s face looked so smooth in the “beautified” photo and his dad’s had a lot less wrinkles and freckles/moles HAHAHA. Guess girls would love to get that camera for you-know-what 😀

That’s all for tonight! Do be nice and congratulate him now LOL.

By the way, I received lots of ang pows when I went visiting with my uncle’s family yesterday!!! Quite beh paiseh lah ‘cos so big already still receive ang pow from people HAHAHA don’t care lah as long as I’m not married I’m entitled to receive them hmph! 😈

Happy CNY & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sorry for the lack of updates – had been busy working and entertaining Wing Kin’s dad for the past week. Just sent them off at the airport tonight. Lucky them, they’ll be spending their CNY in Melbourne but I’ll be here all alone, all by myself. Sniff! It’s crazy how the apartment is so quiet and lonesome now that they’re gone. Awesome thing is I don’t have to sleep on the mattress on the floor tonight but have the whole bed to myself!

Promise to write an update soon on Wing Kin’s graduation. I have piccies to show 🙂 I shall just go to bed now and start on my very first Haruki Murakami!! Excited!!! Gonna have a loooong day tomorrow visiting my uncle’s family and aunt’s friends.

Oh by the way, I received my first ang pow already!! Wing Kin’s dad gave 1 to me before he left just then, hehehehehehe.

So here’s to a VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone!!!! Muahs!



Okay, I am slightly stressed right now ‘cos Wing Kin’s out fishing and his DAD(!!!!) is at home with me. I really shouldn’t be typing on the keyboard because he’s sleeping right now so I don’t wanna chou ju sai but I’ve got nothing to do and my hair is too damp for me to go to bed. Can’t use the hair dryer because it’s in the bedroom T_T

Sigh this is not helping. Even if I try to type as soft as possible it still seems pretty noisy for me. I shall just go to bed my extra mattress and try to sleep now goodnight T_T

Bored in Glasses

Finally watched Avatar in 3D the other night. Paid extra 3 bucks for Vmax to get ourselves “Bigger Seats, Bigger Screen, Bigger Sound, BIGGER EXPERIENCE!”

Looooved the graphics of the movie. The 3D effect is what makes the movie so interesting. Otherwise, it’s just a remake of Disney’s “Pocahontas” except that the setting is on a planet called Pandora. -_-

Those who loves downloading movies and not watching them in the cinemas, don’t do it on this one! Go watch it in the cinema! You won’t regret it, take my word for it!

This is me looking rather retarded before the movie started. Was trying to sit as low as possible so people won’t notice me. Well, it’s kinda hard not to especially when I used the flash to take this photo hahahaha. Kinda like the 3D glasses. Much better than the old ones we used to have.

Like this! Oklah, it looks kinda cute but when I used to wear these glasses for old 3D movies, it makes me dizzy and the pictures weren’t exactly that clear. The new ones look rather retro and Ray Ban-ish. The pictures are also A LOT clearer and more surreal!

Also perfect for a dumb shot when I’m doing my DIY mask at home after chilling out with Ceci on a Friday night, hehehe.

Oh, I just love being silly!

A Camwhore Post

Caution: Might lead to camwhore-photos-overdose.

Click at your own risk. Deng deng deng!

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What Sitting in a Beamer Can Get You

Just last Friday night, Wing Kin and I went out with his friend Deniz & the gf, Nicole. We got a chance to use D’s stepdad’s Beamer that night because we couldn’t squeeze in 4 people in a CRX. It was either that or a lorry… o_O

Deniz drove us to a drive-in cinema in Joondie after having some pizza takeaway to watch “Tooth Fairy” by The Rock, how cool is that? It was a kiddie movie but it wasn’t that bad. I had really high expectations for it though since D’s mum told us that her friends said it is THE FUNNIEST MOVIE of the year. Since 2010 had just started, I shall not blame her friends. *Cough*

Oh, oh, there are no speakers on the spot in a drive-in cinema so how the heck do you know what’s going on? You just tune your radio to the given frequency and voilà! You get the audio! Sorry lah, I was quite sakai I didn’t know it works that way! T_T Now that I’ve told you people this secret, you’re now less sakai than the others who don’t know! Faster thank me! 😈

Anyway, after the movie, we drove all the way to West Leederville, Northbridge, the City, Kings Park (we climbed the DNA tower!! I’m so scared of heights but I made it to the top!! *proud), Bell Tower & South Perth just for fun. Crazy siao ‘cos after we finished, we headed back to Joondie to get our car, and drove back home again T_T So damn far okay and my bladder was so full then I could’ve peed in the car anytime T_T

Oh and apparently, sitting in a convertible Beamer gets you a lot of attention. Most of the cars that drove past us turned to look. Not the car lah but the driver/passengers. But nothing beats this… While we were driving past the city, there was this group of girls walking by the roadside and when we stopped at the traffic lights, one of them lifted her skirt and flashed us. Nicole went, “OHHHHH MYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDD!!” in the loudest manner possible and so we all looked (too bad I didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t have a good look sigh but fret not, read on…) and well, that obviously caught their attention.

I thought the girl was gonna be embarrassed and hide behind her friends or something but NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! She ACTUALLY turned to face us, lifted her skirt the SECOND time and FLASHED AGAIN!!!! AND SHE LOOKED SO HAPPY WTF! (Okay this time I had a good look. Some laced panties and I think I saw a black patch. A neat one.) 🙄