What Sitting in a Beamer Can Get You

Just last Friday night, Wing Kin and I went out with his friend Deniz & the gf, Nicole. We got a chance to use D’s stepdad’s Beamer that night because we couldn’t squeeze in 4 people in a CRX. It was either that or a lorry… o_O

Deniz drove us to a drive-in cinema in Joondie after having some pizza takeaway to watch “Tooth Fairy” by The Rock, how cool is that? It was a kiddie movie but it wasn’t that bad. I had really high expectations for it though since D’s mum told us that her friends said it is THE FUNNIEST MOVIE of the year. Since 2010 had just started, I shall not blame her friends. *Cough*

Oh, oh, there are no speakers on the spot in a drive-in cinema so how the heck do you know what’s going on? You just tune your radio to the given frequency and voilà! You get the audio! Sorry lah, I was quite sakai I didn’t know it works that way! T_T Now that I’ve told you people this secret, you’re now less sakai than the others who don’t know! Faster thank me! 😈

Anyway, after the movie, we drove all the way to West Leederville, Northbridge, the City, Kings Park (we climbed the DNA tower!! I’m so scared of heights but I made it to the top!! *proud), Bell Tower & South Perth just for fun. Crazy siao ‘cos after we finished, we headed back to Joondie to get our car, and drove back home again T_T So damn far okay and my bladder was so full then I could’ve peed in the car anytime T_T

Oh and apparently, sitting in a convertible Beamer gets you a lot of attention. Most of the cars that drove past us turned to look. Not the car lah but the driver/passengers. But nothing beats this… While we were driving past the city, there was this group of girls walking by the roadside and when we stopped at the traffic lights, one of them lifted her skirt and flashed us. Nicole went, “OHHHHH MYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDD!!” in the loudest manner possible and so we all looked (too bad I didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t have a good look sigh but fret not, read on…) and well, that obviously caught their attention.

I thought the girl was gonna be embarrassed and hide behind her friends or something but NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! She ACTUALLY turned to face us, lifted her skirt the SECOND time and FLASHED AGAIN!!!! AND SHE LOOKED SO HAPPY WTF! (Okay this time I had a good look. Some laced panties and I think I saw a black patch. A neat one.) 🙄


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4 thoughts on “What Sitting in a Beamer Can Get You”

  1. tsk tsk tsk. that reminds me of something…

    remember secondary school time? when u could just scream at any ang mos walking pass the bus stop? does that ring any bell? LOL luckily you din “flash” anything



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