Bored in Glasses

Finally watched Avatar in 3D the other night. Paid extra 3 bucks for Vmax to get ourselves “Bigger Seats, Bigger Screen, Bigger Sound, BIGGER EXPERIENCE!”

Looooved the graphics of the movie. The 3D effect is what makes the movie so interesting. Otherwise, it’s just a remake of Disney’s “Pocahontas” except that the setting is on a planet called Pandora. -_-

Those who loves downloading movies and not watching them in the cinemas, don’t do it on this one! Go watch it in the cinema! You won’t regret it, take my word for it!

This is me looking rather retarded before the movie started. Was trying to sit as low as possible so people won’t notice me. Well, it’s kinda hard not to especially when I used the flash to take this photo hahahaha. Kinda like the 3D glasses. Much better than the old ones we used to have.

Like this! Oklah, it looks kinda cute but when I used to wear these glasses for old 3D movies, it makes me dizzy and the pictures weren’t exactly that clear. The new ones look rather retro and Ray Ban-ish. The pictures are also A LOT clearer and more surreal!

Also perfect for a dumb shot when I’m doing my DIY mask at home after chilling out with Ceci on a Friday night, hehehe.

Oh, I just love being silly!


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Jessica Blaise S

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