Happy CNY & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sorry for the lack of updates – had been busy working and entertaining Wing Kin’s dad for the past week. Just sent them off at the airport tonight. Lucky them, they’ll be spending their CNY in Melbourne but I’ll be here all alone, all by myself. Sniff! It’s crazy how the apartment is so quiet and lonesome now that they’re gone. Awesome thing is I don’t have to sleep on the mattress on the floor tonight but have the whole bed to myself!

Promise to write an update soon on Wing Kin’s graduation. I have piccies to show ๐Ÿ™‚ I shall just go to bed now and start on my very first Haruki Murakami!! Excited!!! Gonna have a loooong day tomorrow visiting my uncle’s family and aunt’s friends.

Oh by the way, I received my first ang pow already!! Wing Kin’s dad gave 1 to me before he left just then, hehehehehehe.

So here’s to a VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone!!!! Muahs!



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Jessica Blaise S

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