2 Years Later I’m At His Graduation Again

Oh hi everyone! As promised, I’m writing an entry on Wing Kin’s graduation ceremony that took place last Tuesday.

Two years ago, he came over to Perth to attend his graduation ceremony for his Degree. I sent the three of ’em (him, the brother, and Meng) to the Perth Convention Centre but didn’t get to attend the ceremony myself because we didn’t have an extra ticket *feels left out, just kidding, hehe. I had to pick them up again after the ceremony so I dressed myself up nicely just to take some photos with the fresh grad 😛 But guess what! He had already returned the regalia by the time I arrived to pick them up -_-

Two years later, I decided to wear the same BCBG dress (what!) to the ceremony. It’s because that dress is still the classiest in my wardrobe as of now. And this time, I’m not attending the ceremony as a friend, but as a girlfriend HAHA wtf like damn bangga 😆

Took a few obligatory camwhore shots in the car. It was quite embarrassing for me because his dad was sitting in front and he could tell I was taking vain shots of myself with all the flash & “chekeeeh!” going on at the back 😳

And thanks to me and my camwhoring ritual, the low battery indicator started blinking after taking 3 shots of Wing Kin. And I even forgot to bring the DSLR with me T_T

So sorry baby.

With Kang. Ahn young ha sae yo!!!

Photo credit: Benjamin

I think it’s the prettiest shot of us that night, hehe. Thanks Ben!

We headed to Burswood Casino after that to bring Kin’s dad around. While I was in the toilet, the two of them were trying out the “Beautify” function on his father’s camera.

Apparently the camera gives your photo an instant photoshop and transforms/beautifies your face hahahaha.

They made me do mine when I got out and guess what, it really works! Kin’s face looked so smooth in the “beautified” photo and his dad’s had a lot less wrinkles and freckles/moles HAHAHA. Guess girls would love to get that camera for you-know-what 😀

That’s all for tonight! Do be nice and congratulate him now LOL.

By the way, I received lots of ang pows when I went visiting with my uncle’s family yesterday!!! Quite beh paiseh lah ‘cos so big already still receive ang pow from people HAHAHA don’t care lah as long as I’m not married I’m entitled to receive them hmph! 😈


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4 thoughts on “2 Years Later I’m At His Graduation Again”

  1. aww..how fun!
    congratulations WingKin!!

    I notice how ur hair becomes less curly thru the night..hahhaha I have the same problems.
    So pretty U!!:)
    Loving the red lipstick.


    1. Yeah the curls all drop by the end of the night 😦 I should really buy some hair serum to maintain the curl but I haven’t gone shopping for quite some time haha.


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