An Unexpected Greeting

My mum just wished me “happy birthday” on MSN and I went, “Eh? Is it my birthday today?”

It is actually. My Chinese birthday, hehe. So yeah, happy birthday to myself! I didn’t even remember!

One of our clients treated us to an extravagant dinner tonight at Han Palace and all of us filled out tummies with good food for the night. Guess that’ll make do as a celebration for myself today, haha.

On another note, my hair is getting so thick that I’m thinking of getting a really short haircut. But I’m worried that I’ll have to trim it very often with a short ‘do. Dilemma dilemma.


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Jessica Blaise S

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2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Greeting”

  1. i thought of doing the same too but i’m sure there will be a lot of protests haha i’ve been keeping short hair for two years oledi. now it has grown passed my shoulder and although it’s still layered, it’s kinda hard for me to maintain the layers. maybe i’ll go for something more safe this time rather than my usual layered venture. maybe i’ll try some feminine bob LOL so when it grows longer, it’ll look more neat than fashionable 😀 we’ll see we’ll see. hey, this shows that u’re not alone in the hair dilemma 😛


    1. I have plenty of ideas for a short haircut but I’m not if I can handle the high maintenance part or not hahaha.

      Besides of a cut, I think I could go for a color instead but it’s too costly here. Argh!

      I think you should keep your long hair for quite some time because we really haven’t seen that for quite a while 🙂


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