A Lunch Break Post

Here I am, sitting in my office, feeding myself with a packet of instant udon and blogging. The bosses are out. I don’t feel like reading the online news today so here I am!

It’s going to be a long weekend this coming week! Gonna have 4 days off in a row and I’m happy as can be! Don’t really know what to do yet though. Lots of Masses to attend since it’s Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Nah, I’m not gonna attend Mass everyday, lol, just Good Friday and probably Easter Vigil Mass. The more important ones 😛

Oh, I had my hair dyed last Saturday! Had a DIY hair dye at home ‘cos I’m not willing to spend a few hundreds bucks on my hair visiting the salon. Kin did a pretty good job considering it’s his first time helping someone to dye their hair, hehehe. Will post some photos when I’m in the mood to camwhore?

Alrighty, lunch break’s over. Tata!


Rain, Rain, Come Again?

Two days ago, it finally rained in Perth after what seemed like forever. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had forecasts saying that we’d be getting rain/storms but all we got were just a few drops of water and that was IT!

Talking about potong stim.

Anyway, as most of you would’ve known, the rain two days ago turned into a disastrous hailstorm. Hail stones of a golf ball size fell from the sky and caused damages to a gazillion cars and buildings. Windows were broken. Cars were dented (MINE WAS BECAUSE KIN WAS DRIVING IT DURING THEN) and so did my boss’ walls at home. There was a land slide which filled the ground floor of an apartment with mud. There was no electricity for hundred thousands of houses. UWA’s library was flooded (along with lots of other businesses I believe) because the glass windows were all broken.

The funny thing is, it was so sunny that morning so I cycled to work! I was coming up with the splendid idea of cycling home in the rain (risking myself getting struck by lightning or slip and fall and faint or something) so I’d fall sick and have an excuse not to turn up for work the next day *evil grin* but Kin came to pick me up from work so my plan failed. Maybe next time, haha!

Colleagues and I were so excited witnessing the hailstorm from the window – forgetting all about the risk of the window breaking and cutting our faces!!! *Gasps!*

Following that, I received plenty of tender loving care from friends and family asking if I’m okay. Awww… My cousin even called me on my cell at 9 a.m. this morning. Thanks, I feel so loved ❤

The sun was out again after the storm. Kinda hope the rain will come back soon though. Nothing lulls me to sleep better than the rhythm of the falling rain.

My Everyday

My very first video made with my new digital harinezumi.


Will be getting my digital harinezumi today! I CAN’T WAIT. Can’t wait to make my own video clips. My own story-telling. Doo doo doo doo dum dee dum~

So excited I can almost take the rest of the day off work, just head home and start transforming my inspiration into tons of photos, tons of videos!

By the way, if you wonder why I got the Digi Hari 1 instead of 2, it’s because I’m more attracted to 1’s unsaturated colors. It’s all about the retro effects if you ask me. But then again, I’m also quite tempted to get the Digi Hari 2 for its black & white and macro effects.

You know, like they say, you can’t compare a hammer with a screwdriver.

Sudden Crave

我突然很想吃干面…… -_- (Sudden crave for gan mien!!!)

Just almost done with 2 chapters (having an exam on Monday) and I’m already finding excuses to not continue reading the last 2 chapters. Plus it’s so hot today at 35 degrees celcius I just can’t concentrate at all! 😦

Oh guess what mum, I bought the Vitamin B Complex you asked me to. Took 1 yesterday morning at the office after having my breakfast but forgot to take it home with me so I won’t have any supplements to take until I go back to the office next week, which is AFTER I finish my exams -_-”’

Bah bah, I should get back to that bloody thick file before somebody gets it! *Runs*

No. 1 on My Current Wishlist

I would very much LOVE to have this right now! Can’t stop drooling over the photos it can take and the special effects it can do!

Films, multiple exposures, black and white, color, light leak, natural vignetting. ARGH! Can’t wait for my next payday hum dee dum~

How I Spent My Birthday This Year

This year was one of my best birthdays ever, having celebrated it in Mandurah over the long weekend. Took a day off today so I could enjoy my 3 days 2 nights stay stress-free!

Thank you honey, for making all this possible. I enjoyed myself so very much and it couldn’t have been better, really =)

As usual, I took like a gazillion photos with FOUR cameras this time! Yes you heard read me! FOUR. A DSLR, a digicam, a polaroid, and a toy camera. Sometimes I really think I’m siao.

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Happy Birthday Jessica!

Had a fantabulous birthday this year!!! Will blog more about it soon…

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! You guys are awesome!

Now where’re my presents? Lol!