How I Spent My Birthday This Year

This year was one of my best birthdays ever, having celebrated it in Mandurah over the long weekend. Took a day off today so I could enjoy my 3 days 2 nights stay stress-free!

Thank you honey, for making all this possible. I enjoyed myself so very much and it couldn’t have been better, really =)

As usual, I took like a gazillion photos with FOUR cameras this time! Yes you heard read me! FOUR. A DSLR, a digicam, a polaroid, and a toy camera. Sometimes I really think I’m siao.

This is where we stayed. Unit 8 – a beachfront villa that has the BESTEST view ever! I will definitely miss waking up right in front of the ocean/beach. That subtle sound of the waves… Absolute bliss!

After we arrived, we hit the beach after a spa to meet up with Ceci and Ming who came to join us! Hehehe. Went for a swim to cool our bodies down because it was a tad bit too sunny for us. Everything was perfect after a while though. Ming started building an obscene looking thingy with the sand but I shan’t post a photo of that knowing that my 14 y.o. sister reads my blog. *Ahem*

With gorgeous Ceci! We share the same birth dates believe it or not?! 😀 Excuse me for looking extra chinky in this photo because the sun was really, really harsh! (Yeah, blame it on the sun.)

As for dinner, we dined at an award-winning restaurant for three consecutive years – Stage Door Bar & Brasserie. The starters and entrees were extremely good! I wasn’t too happy with my main because they overcooked the steak so the outer layer was charred. We got so full towards the end but we still managed to squeeze in a plate of dessert!

We went for a stroll after dinner then headed to a nearby jetty to fish. Ceci caught lots and lots of tailors that night. I caught a plenty too but no breams unfortunately.

The next morning, I woke up and someone had already cooked breakfast for me, hehehe. ❤ Breakfast at our al fresco area facing the beach, tell me how can you not love this?

This is our new toy – a toy camera I bought for our Valentine’s Day but never got to use it because he spent Valentine’s Day in Melbourne. It’s got 24 films for us to take photos of and to put into a scrapbook for remembrance.

Today, we decided to hit the pool and the heated outdoor spa. So awesome! My first time swimming in an “endless” pool! The idea of endless pool is to create an “illusion” effect as if the pool is connected to the ocean or something but this photo kinda gave it away because of the overgrown grass in the middle -_-

Nevertheless, it was soooo beautiful I felt like I was in Miami! HAHAHA!

I dream of Miami!!! Love my painted nails?

More feet shot, lol! I still have a plenty more taken with my polaroid but they’re kinda repetitive so, yeah.

Dinner at M on The Point. Also one of the most famous restaurants to dine at in Mandurah. Our main – roast pork with apple puree and mashed potatoes was so, so, so, delicious! Poor Kin was getting sick already because of the hot weather and the contradicting cold water.

The cocktail menu.

My Lychee Martini. Sweet!

My entree – 1/2 dozen of oysters. And we had some the night before as well. Gotta love ’em!

We hit the sack at 8:30p.m. that night because we were too tired and relaxed to do anything else.

And the next morning, I woke up to a beachview again le sigh. I really wish I didn’t have to go back but stay there for a little longer…

Anyway, we decided to pick up our lazy bums and do some outdoor activities today so we went boating and fishing by hiring a boat! Hehehe. I am very unfit because I started feeling nauseous after an hour and kept telling Kin, “I think I’m gonna puke.” Hehehe. But I didn’t!!!

Our catch for the day – 2 blue swimmer crabs (by Kin) and a black bream (by me!!!) HOHOHO!

Headed home after that and had dinner with Meng, Fi, and Ben later at night. Thanks for coming out guys and thanks for the VodkaO! LOL.



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4 thoughts on “How I Spent My Birthday This Year”

  1. soo nice girL~ wish i was there~ the photo is amazing..Drooling at it~ the getaway is to-die-for!! hehehe…u must be EnJoying it every minute~ wish u can put up more photo~ cause would like to see the pics~~ 😉


    1. Thank you thank you!! Oh yes I was enjoying and living every moment for the past few days, haha. It’s good to take a break from work because I’m just consumed with so much workload everyday it’s so repetitive, dull, and lifeless. I’ll go through the photos once again and see if there’re any extras I can put up, hehe 🙂


    1. It was!! I had so much fun and great time that I was stress-free for a few days, lol.

      Mandurah is VERY pretty! Well it can get pretty boring if you don’t really spend the money to see the best sides of it. Oh well. You get what you pay for 😛


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