Sudden Crave

我突然很想吃干面…… -_- (Sudden crave for gan mien!!!)

Just almost done with 2 chapters (having an exam on Monday) and I’m already finding excuses to not continue reading the last 2 chapters. Plus it’s so hot today at 35 degrees celcius I just can’t concentrate at all! 😦

Oh guess what mum, I bought the Vitamin B Complex you asked me to. Took 1 yesterday morning at the office after having my breakfast but forgot to take it home with me so I won’t have any supplements to take until I go back to the office next week, which is AFTER I finish my exams -_-”’

Bah bah, I should get back to that bloody thick file before somebody gets it! *Runs*


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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