My Everyday

My very first video made with my new digital harinezumi.

Published by

Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

8 thoughts on “My Everyday”

  1. Wow Jess,
    so high advanced now!:)
    Nice to know your day consists of lots of walking.
    Ur legs so skinny looking..and Ooo I walked those stairs before!:)

    I misss U!


    1. Lol. Lots and lots of walking. And cycling too but it’s harder to take a video while cycling. Don’t wanna risk dropping and breaking the camera!!!

      Yes, those stairs!!!!! Lol lol. Isn’t it cool that when you watch a video and you go, oh I’ve been there before!! Lol!

      Miss you too gorgeous!! ❤ ❤


  2. I saw it in your FB n I fall in love to your video instantly! The concept of your video and your song selection are brilliant, they actually complement each other! Love the suburbia feel and those adorable flowers! Looking forward to see more video from you and keep it up all the good works ya! (:


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