End of a Long Weekend

It’s 11:26pm already. Time to hit the sack soon and get back to work tomorrow. I do wish such days would last longer. To not have to think  about work, or actually working in the office, haha. I want to just lie in bed for an hour after my morning alarm wakes me. I want to surf the net all day, watch classic Wong Fei Hong movies in between, jump into bed for a little break and wrestle with the mister, sew and mend our torn pajamas pants, hahaha. This is quality spending of my time and honestly speaking, working is not.

I do dream of going back to uni some day. Maybe finally taking up interior designing or photography? Opening a bookshop/coffee shop (although I don’t really enjoy drinking coffee)?

But I guess before all that, I have to pull myself back to reality. Gotta finish the last 2 modules left in my CA program and perhaps I can do something new with less work obligations =)

Signing off now. Much love!


Can’t Stop the Tears From Falling

Just finished watching “My Sister’s Keeper”.

My face and shirt soaked with my tears. My cheeks a little numb from the silent crying.

This is one of those rare movies that touched me deep down inside. A rare, beautifully written story.

Shooting Olivia

Had another photoshoot today with my most trusted Art Director, Fiona, lol, and her friend – Olivia. It’s my first time meeting her and it’s also my first time shooting someone I’ve never met before! How exciting and scary at the same time!

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Time for me to go to bed. Do let me know what you think about the photos! 🙂 Goodnight everyone!

Scammer Warning

As you all know, I am currently looking for a new place to move to and finding a place that you really like and you’re willing to pay for can be a real pain in the arse. I started looking for a place to move since 1 to 2 months ago but it was still too early to settle anything just yet. Right now, the stick’s really going up my ass because I only have a week left (!!!) to tell my current agent whether or not I’m continuing my current lease for another 12 months.

So. As you can imagine, I’ve been spending countless days and nights surfing real estate websites searching for the so-called “perfect” place to move to. Just last Friday, we found this place in Northbridge, which is literally right next to the city, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 parking bays, air-conditioned and fully furnished, going for only $300 a week!! Imagine the disbelief and the secret excitement I had in me when I first saw the ad.

“Are you kidding me? This is too good to be true!” I had said.

Two days later, the online property website sent me an email saying that the ad was a fake. So I went, oh alright, yeah, it’s really too good to be true, haha. Plus I prayed the night before that if possible, I would like to move to that place but if I don’t get it, I’d understand because there must be a reason why. My answer was given to me immediately the next day, haha.

Anyway, just yesterday, the scammer actually had the GUTS to email me to inform me that the property is still available for rent (the online website had taken the ad down). So I thought, wtf.

This morning I googled up the person’s name and found out that quite a couple of others also came across this scammer. Some of them even lost their money to them 😦

So guess what, I decided to post the email written by this person, together with his/her name (which is fake for sure but oh well) & email address so whoever comes across this entry, will know that that person is a scammer who should be scammed in return wtf.

Re: [domain.com.au] 250 Bulwer Street Perth WA 6000 (Contact: Natalie Attwater)

Sender: Natalie Attwater [deonbooset7e@gmail.com]

Sent: Mon 19/4/2010 4:43 PM


           Thanks for your response,i really appreciate your response,i am the owner of the apartment,it is located in 3/250 Bulwer Street, Perth  WA 6000.I am presently on Transfer from my place of work to Rome/Italy to head our branch over there and presently my house is still available for rent for $300 p/w for the duration of time you want including bills and utilities like Linen, Washing Machine, Dryer, Iron, vacuum cleaner.

     It is Newly furnished and equipped,the furniture’s are new and well decorated.also it is located near public transport,there are shopping mall,Gym,schools and more better facilities in the area,below are some of the items in the house

 – Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Freezer, Cooking rings, Oven, Dinnerware and serving pieces, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Kettle, Mixer..

– TV, cable TV basic access, Internet by ADSL-CABLE + WIFI ACCESS.

           I want you to note that i am a kind and honest person (Puh-leeeze!!!) and also i spent a lot on my property that i want to give you for rent,so i will solicit for your absolute maintenance of this apartment and want you to treat it as your own.     

         Obviously we need a safe way to complete this deal that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after.I have found a way for us to complete the deal fast (2 days) and easy. The solution is a worldwide delivery company called Royal Mail, they will provide assistance in handling the payment and delivery of the KEYS and LEASE AGREEMENT.With this procedure you will be able to check the apartment before I receive the payment.

 Have a nice day!

There you go. Take care all of you out there and don’t be fooled!

Yet Another Weekly Update

Hi Mum, Ni, Siang (Deng deng! I know you read my blog), and all my other friends and readers who read this blog,

This is yet another attempt of me trying to update you guys of I’ve been doing besides working my ass off.

This week’s been a pretty happening week for me!!!

First off, I passed my FIN supplementary exam! WOOHOO!! I am SO glad I did, Hallelujah! Here’s to having one less thing to worry about. Cheers!

Secondly, I’ve been busy looking for another place to move to. My current lease ends in May and I’m not sure if they’re gonna increase the rent again this year. Most likely yes because of the increasing interest rate so if I can find a cheaper and not so dodgy place, I’ll move. We had a look at one of the properties yesterday and was quite pleased with it but too bad the kitchen had electric hotplates instead of gas cooking so we didn’t go for it. Today, we drove to another 2 properties and had a look from the outside and we’re quite impressed by the exterior look of them too. I really hope the real estate agent will get back to me soon so I can have a look at the places and decide which one to make an offer to. Gotta pray hard that I’ll get somewhere I’m really happy with and doesn’t make a bigger hole in my pocket.

Thirdly, I attended my schoolmate’s wedding for the very first time (Huat Wun & Carmen’s wedding)!!! The bridegroom and bride cried when they took turns to give a short speech to thank their parents. I cried too T_T I just can’t stand watching other people cry =.=

Fourthly, I had a photoshoot with Kristy yesterday with the help of Fiona. It was filled with laughter because Kristy’s a little cuckoo like that HAHA, just kidding. Kristy is the model who laughed the most when I shoot her. She’s just so joyful it makes the photoshoot a really relaxed and light-hearted one.

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Fifthly (this is sounding funnier and funnier hoho), I went fishing with Ceci at South Perth last night but caught nothing. Kin and I headed to Claremont Jetty afterward to try out luck. Some dolphins swam by not long after we arrived and one of them swam extremely near to me!! Well in fact, it swam right next to me and under me the jetty in circles for quite some time. We figured it must’ve been chasing some fish or something. It was quite big and so cute but scary at the same time ‘cos it looked like a shark, eeeek!! 😯 After they left, we walked back to our spot and I spotted a crab!! DENG DENG DENG. Next thing we know, we got ourselves a crab! Woohoo!

That’s all for tonight. Goodnight everyone 🙂

Boredom Leads to More Self-Love Acts

Random #2

# My car broke down two days ago at a local park. Kin and I had our lunch at the park to escape from the office (he’s doing a part-time job with our company now) and when we tried to start the engine, it just wouldn’t!!! Ended up having to call my colleague & boss for help. I so wanna sell the car off and get something else!

# Went to a friend’s farewell/dog party at East Perth today and there were SO. MANY. DOGS there. There were 2 golden retrievers, about 5 shihtzus, a beagle and a pomeranian. Would love to get one for myself and it’s a shame that I can’t just yet. 😦

# Was so determined to lessen my wardrobe’s burden today. Took all the clothes out in hope of giving away at least one whole stack of clothes but ended up putting back 99% of ’em and keeping aside only 1% to give away -_-

# Am very happy with the figures on my credit card statement this month 🙂 Let’s hope that this will continue for the next couple of months.

# I want a box of color pencils. Show me some love, anyone?

Little Miss Grumpy

I am feeling absurdly grumpy today! I’m suspecting it’s the highly unwelcome PMS that’s causing all the mood swings, the chocolate craving, the fidgeting, and the occasional “FTS!!!” screaming in my head.

It could also be the aftermath of a lazy long weekend of 4 days. Seriously, who wants to get back to work after such a great Easter weekend?

Selling Ad: NEW Romantic Two-Piece Chiffon Blouse

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