Yet Another Weekly Update

Hi Mum, Ni, Siang (Deng deng! I know you read my blog), and all my other friends and readers who read this blog,

This is yet another attempt of me trying to update you guys of I’ve been doing besides working my ass off.

This week’s been a pretty happening week for me!!!

First off, I passed my FIN supplementary exam! WOOHOO!! I am SO glad I did, Hallelujah! Here’s to having one less thing to worry about. Cheers!

Secondly, I’ve been busy looking for another place to move to. My current lease ends in May and I’m not sure if they’re gonna increase the rent again this year. Most likely yes because of the increasing interest rate so if I can find a cheaper and not so dodgy place, I’ll move. We had a look at one of the properties yesterday and was quite pleased with it but too bad the kitchen had electric hotplates instead of gas cooking so we didn’t go for it. Today, we drove to another 2 properties and had a look from the outside and we’re quite impressed by the exterior look of them too. I really hope the real estate agent will get back to me soon so I can have a look at the places and decide which one to make an offer to. Gotta pray hard that I’ll get somewhere I’m really happy with and doesn’t make a bigger hole in my pocket.

Thirdly, I attended my schoolmate’s wedding for the very first time (Huat Wun & Carmen’s wedding)!!! The bridegroom and bride cried when they took turns to give a short speech to thank their parents. I cried too T_T I just can’t stand watching other people cry =.=

Fourthly, I had a photoshoot with Kristy yesterday with the help of Fiona. It was filled with laughter because Kristy’s a little cuckoo like that HAHA, just kidding. Kristy is the model who laughed the most when I shoot her. She’s just so joyful it makes the photoshoot a really relaxed and light-hearted one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fifthly (this is sounding funnier and funnier hoho), I went fishing with Ceci at South Perth last night but caught nothing. Kin and I headed to Claremont Jetty afterward to try out luck. Some dolphins swam by not long after we arrived and one of them swam extremely near to me!! Well in fact, it swam right next to me and under me the jetty in circles for quite some time. We figured it must’ve been chasing some fish or something. It was quite big and so cute but scary at the same time ‘cos it looked like a shark, eeeek!! 😯 After they left, we walked back to our spot and I spotted a crab!! DENG DENG DENG. Next thing we know, we got ourselves a crab! Woohoo!

That’s all for tonight. Goodnight everyone 🙂


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