End of a Long Weekend

It’s 11:26pm already. Time to hit the sack soon and get back to work tomorrow. I do wish such days would last longer. To not have to think  about work, or actually working in the office, haha. I want to just lie in bed for an hour after my morning alarm wakes me. I want to surf the net all day, watch classic Wong Fei Hong movies in between, jump into bed for a little break and wrestle with the mister, sew and mend our torn pajamas pants, hahaha. This is quality spending of my time and honestly speaking, working is not.

I do dream of going back to uni some day. Maybe finally taking up interior designing or photography? Opening a bookshop/coffee shop (although I don’t really enjoy drinking coffee)?

But I guess before all that, I have to pull myself back to reality. Gotta finish the last 2 modules left in my CA program and perhaps I can do something new with less work obligations =)

Signing off now. Much love!


Published by

Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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