Look What the Boyfriend Caught Last Night


Last Week of Autumn 2010

不知不覺中…… 秋天來了、又走了。



Made My Day

This greeted me Good Morning on a Saturday morning!

Thanks Chia Yei… Made me day completely =)

Have you made someone’s day lately?

Lippie Love

Gosh, I love weekends!!! Love the fact that I don’t have to work during weekends and that I can have all the “me” time I want.

The weather’s getting chillier these days. It makes waking up in the morning harder and harder each day, especially today. But I didn’t wanna spend my Saturday morning in bed (although that’s not too bad of an option too, hehe) so I forced myself to get up, wash up and get ready to hit the roads!

Headed to the city and treated ourselves Japanese for brunch. Had the BEST & most authentic Korean food ever last weekend but I shall keep the place a secret because I don’t want it to be even busier than it is already, LOL!

Bought myself a lipstick & lip gloss. I’ve been looking all over for lipstick suitable for my skin tone but haven’t been able to do so. Think I’m pretty satisfied with the ones I bought today.

In smashbox lip gloss

Zen Mode On

Hola everybody! I’m blogging from the office ‘cos I’m quite early today, hehe. In a better mood to work today because our bosses bribed us with massages yesterday, LOL.

Yeap. Bosses hired us a masseuse for the day yesterday to give each of us a 15-minute “body therapy” and I loved it! The masseuse’s name is Sayuri and I couldn’t help but think whether she’d look like the Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha. But she doesn’t, haha! Instead she’s all cute and bubbly. Very friendly.

Oh, and I almost fell asleep after lying down for two minutes. It was so relaxing to just lie down and let someone massage you. Press all the stress tumors you’ve got on your body away. I was so into my zen mode when she told me it was over I wanted to stay put and say, “More pleaze, arigato gozaimas!”

Too bad I kicked myself out of the room before she had to so I could let others have their turn.

I’ve yet to try the full body massage that requires you to strip down naked and they put all this amazing essential massage oil all over your body HAHAHAHA.

Or better, the hot spring in Japan! OH YES!

Busy Bee

It’s getting so, so, so busy at work I’m slowly dying from working too much. Believe me, it’s suffocating staying in the office 10 hours a day… Your eyes go @_@ like this for staring at the computer all day, looking at a gazillion numbers and small prints on the screen and on the clients’ documents.

To make things worse, this will have to carry on until mid June and that’s like a month more to go T_T

Somebody please kill me before my work does.

Why all this torture you ask?

Well, *twirls fingers* boss had a talk with us the other day and said if we manage to push our lodgment % high enough, we will be able to get up to 2 months’ bonus salary!!! Plus our boss is giving us the option of taking time in lieu instead of payment of overtime pay hence the crazy amount of time spent at the office for the past week or so. I so need to accumulate more leave because I’m still having negative amount of holiday leave as of now T_T

So right now, I basically have no life until June comes. I’ll probably have a life for a month or so during then and lose it again in July because I will then be taking my last core unit for CA. And if I pass that one, I’ll have my last module in November and exam in March.

Don’t you just wanna be me!!!

Wonderful Saturday

Such a beautiful day today (although it did start with rather gloomy skies this morning)! Woke up quite early today for a Saturday morning and did the following today:

  1. Hand-washed my pink+brown sweater dress.
  2. Had brunch at Ikea.
  3. Bought bathrobes in preparation for the nearing winter season.
  4. Had Macca’s soft serve cone, yum!
  5. Took a stroll at Claremont Quarter.
  6. Had a short nap.
  7. Cooked crabs for dinner while watching Surf’s Up, hoho!
  8. Watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on TV.
  9. Blogged.

Life is simple just like that and I love it! =)