Busy Bee

It’s getting so, so, so busy at work I’m slowly dying from working too much. Believe me, it’s suffocating staying in the office 10 hours a day… Your eyes go @_@ like this for staring at the computer all day, looking at a gazillion numbers and small prints on the screen and on the clients’ documents.

To make things worse, this will have to carry on until mid June and that’s like a month more to go T_T

Somebody please kill me before my work does.

Why all this torture you ask?

Well, *twirls fingers* boss had a talk with us the other day and said if we manage to push our lodgment % high enough, we will be able to get up to 2 months’ bonus salary!!! Plus our boss is giving us the option of taking time in lieu instead of payment of overtime pay hence the crazy amount of time spent at the office for the past week or so. I so need to accumulate more leave because I’m still having negative amount of holiday leave as of now T_T

So right now, I basically have no life until June comes. I’ll probably have a life for a month or so during then and lose it again in July because I will then be taking my last core unit for CA. And if I pass that one, I’ll have my last module in November and exam in March.

Don’t you just wanna be me!!!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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