Zen Mode On

Hola everybody! I’m blogging from the office ‘cos I’m quite early today, hehe. In a better mood to work today because our bosses bribed us with massages yesterday, LOL.

Yeap. Bosses hired us a masseuse for the day yesterday to give each of us a 15-minute “body therapy” and I loved it! The masseuse’s name is Sayuri and I couldn’t help but think whether she’d look like the Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha. But she doesn’t, haha! Instead she’s all cute and bubbly. Very friendly.

Oh, and I almost fell asleep after lying down for two minutes. It was so relaxing to just lie down and let someone massage you. Press all the stress tumors you’ve got on your body away. I was so into my zen mode when she told me it was over I wanted to stay put and say, “More pleaze, arigato gozaimas!”

Too bad I kicked myself out of the room before she had to so I could let others have their turn.

I’ve yet to try the full body massage that requires you to strip down naked and they put all this amazing essential massage oil all over your body HAHAHAHA.

Or better, the hot spring in Japan! OH YES!

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Zen Mode On”

  1. You should so try the full body massage! Just went last week and it was just awesome 🙂 Just make sure you tell them you don’t want your boobs to be massaged. Or do you? hahaha


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