Look What the Boyfriend Caught Last Night


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2 thoughts on “Look What the Boyfriend Caught Last Night”

  1. Girl, not to be killjoy (i love em crabs as well!) but a bud of mine doin some phd research on mollusk (he’s a marine biologist and has some new species named after him) said that crustaceans generally feed on heavy metal in the waters.

    With the heavy pollution, especially near port areas, the heavy metal levels in the mollusks and crustaceans are too high for human consumption. Oysters are known as aphrodisiacs due to their high zinc content.

    Best would be to catch and consume the ones in deserted cleaner environment islands. He also said crabs and prawns are cockroaches of the sea. They eat dead stuffs on the seabed….


    Still, I love my seafood.


    1. Yaa!! I’m quite aware of the fact that crabs are scavengers. It is pretty gross when you think about it so I don’t always have them loh.

      Thanks for the info though!! 🙂

      Oh btw, I’m a HUGEEEE fan of oysters yum yum yum!!!


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