Doing It the Korean Way

Only just got home an hour and a half ago. Had a good day out with some Korean friends today! Had a cuppa at the café in the afternoon, had authentic & cheap Korean BBQ at night and drank soju for the very first time in my life!

Friends brought us to this new BBQ place called Tong 86 which has yummy and cheap food but the service wasn’t satisfactory. But because we had two Koreans with us tonight, they knew what was yummy to order and exactly HOW to eat them; dipping the meat with oil & sauce, adding pickled vege on it, wrapping the whole thing with fresh lettuce and finally stuffing the whole thing into your mouth in one go and that! ladies and gentlemen, is how you eat it. Just like how the Korean stars do in the drama series. /Nodding in a wise & knowing manner wtf.

We headed to Northbridge for MORE drinks afterwards. Chilling out in the cold. Literally. Because I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt T_T But I didn’t drink any ‘cos I was driving. It was still fun just chilling and laughing and sometimes not understanding what they’re saying because of their accent, LOL! Such great fun 😀

They reckoned we should do this more often. Like once or twice every month!

I don’t mind actually. In fact I’m already salivating for my next serve of BBQ-ed pork. Oh yummeh!!!


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Jessica Blaise S

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