Photo Therapy

Every once in a while, I engage in photo-shoots by myself, which I now refer to as – photo therapy.

Through these photos, I see my external flaws and learn to accept them.

I also see myself growing stronger and stronger each day.


Published by

Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Photo Therapy”

  1. nice photo la dear šŸ˜€ i wanted to indulge too but sometimes i still very paiseh looking at myself. but i do love myself more now. but probably via some other channels besides my own face in the frames. once in a blue moon, maybe. not that often.


    1. Hehehe thanks Esther! I’m sure there’re lots of channels for self reflection. Glad that you’re boosting your self confidence bit by bit now šŸ™‚


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