Food, Exercise & a So-Called Nightlife

So. We have this new girl in the office. She’s from Malaysia and she’s a food lover. The gila babi kind. LOL. Which is good for me! Because I now know a whole lot of new places to dine at and I don’t have to hunt for restaurants that serve super delicious, authentic and not to mention, cheap Malaysian food anymore ‘cos she’s done all the job! Hahaha!

The ultimate Malaysian restaurant that I’d like to introduce to all your Perthians out there is Satay-Mu on South Street. Well, I don’t know if you’ll actually like the dishes they serve there but I love them so far!

I haven’t tried every single thing on the menu yet but I’ve already found some favorites so far, haha – sour base pig trotters (LOVE!!!), radish cake, satay & sweet bean curd. Kin loves the preserved vegetable with pork belly but I think my aunt’s is still the best! Hehe. I have yet to try their lao shu fen. Yes, you heard me! They have lao shu fen there too!!! *Spaced out thinking about lao shu fen at Miri Market & drools*

So yeah, you Perthians, go to Satay-Mu and give it a go! Don’t blame me if it’s not up to your standard though! You probably have a more “high-class” taste and preference than me. I only eat cheap and delicious food for peasants, lol.

Now, now, with all the food that I’ve been eating, I’m bound to gain some weight if I don’t exercise. So I’ve been trying to move lately, besides lying on the couch watching TV and sitting on my ass at the office. Kin and I have this weekly exercise routine now, which started two weeks ago. *Paiseh* He exercises more than me though ‘cos he does it at home before he goes to work too.

We jogged to the nearby park for some cardio and work-out session using some elastic exercise bands he bought online two weeks ago, HAHAHA. Sounds silly I know but no one really knows me here so I can be as thick-faced as I want :mrgreen: Last Saturday, we went for badminton with 3 other friends. It was Kin’s first time playing but he got quite good at it, haha. I hope this whole exercise frenzy lasts as long as it can hahahaha!

On another random note, I attended a friend’s birthday party last Friday night, which was held at a small local pub – Wolfe Lane. This is unbelievable I know but the last time I actually went “clubbing” was when Twinny was here! That was a year ago. I have already accepted the fact that I have no social life whatsoever at night hahahaha.


Helicobacter Pylori

The test results came back today.

I have a bug living in my stomach (okay, maybe not one, but a few dozens, hundreds, thousands, I don’t know) and it has this super geeky scientific name called helicobacter pylori hahaha!

But don’t worry, I’m okay! The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics so I guess the bugs will be out of me in no time 🙂 Will have to go back 4-6 weeks after I finish the medication and have another breath test to see if the bugs are still there or not.

The doctor also told me those bugs are super strong because all the acid in my stomach can’t even kill ’em. So I’m gonna be on high dosage of antibiotics woohoo! Don’t know why I got all excited. Meh!

Alrighty, that’s all for today’s update. Have a good night everyone!

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Triple X Disgusting Post

I am sooooo sorry people for doing this to you but I’ve just had one of the MOST disgusting moments of my life.

Please DO NOT click on the “Read more” button if you do not want to proceed. YOU HAVE BEEN EFFIN’ WARNED I TELL YA!

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A Tiny Celebration

Kin and I had  a tiny celebration at Little Creatures last night – for everything great that has happened to us this year =)

Our little “date” didn’t start off too well though. It didn’t take us long to find a parking space but here comes the malang part. As we parked at a ticket-parking space, we had to dutifully pay for our parking ticket. But the stupid parking machine ate our money and wouldn’t give us the ticket although we tried punching it a few times!!! T_T

We ended up having to pay another $2.50 to get the ticket.

Anyways, the place was jam packed when we arrived. We had to wait for perhaps half an hour to get seated. Maybe a little less than that because the lady who served us was so sweet – she gave us a table when she saw us waiting patiently next to her booth, hehe.

Dinner was great! The food was delicious! The lights were dim. The music was soothing. It was a little noisy but that was a plus – because everyone was busy minding their own business haha. There was a loving couple seated next to us. I took the picture above when the guy left the table for a bit.

After dinner, we drove to San Churro’s to take away some dessert. Super loved it! Will definitely go back for more, more, more!

I had a really great time.

Wouldn’t mind doing this a little more often 😉

Very Blessed

Today I was told by my aunt (via my mum) that good news are meant to be shared with others. So I shall spread my joy to you, you and you today! 🙂

I was promoted to a supervisor position today!

I was also given a jaw-dropping pay-rise this year. Jaw-dropping because it is such a big difference to what I was expecting! I literally went 😯 and exclaimed, “WOUH!!!” when they told me that HAHAHAHA.

God is good. All the time. 🙂

Thank you Lord!!!

Random #3

# Took a jog last Saturday afternoon in my BRIGHT PINK trainers and BRIGHT PINK cap. Woke up with sore muscles the next day. Still finds it difficult to walk down the stairs today.

# Is currently in love with 蕭敬騰’s 新不了情!

# Secretly thinks this has got to be my second skinniest winter in Perth. The first being the year I first arrived. HAHA.

# Wonders where the rain is? It’s been such a dry winter this year.

# Thanks God for the bonus this year and the promised pay rise =)

# Admits making up after a fight is sexier than ever.

# Wants to go on a superb holiday this year! Fingers crossed.