Very Blessed

Today I was told by my aunt (via my mum) that good news are meant to be shared with others. So I shall spread my joy to you, you and you today! 🙂

I was promoted to a supervisor position today!

I was also given a jaw-dropping pay-rise this year. Jaw-dropping because it is such a big difference to what I was expecting! I literally went 😯 and exclaimed, “WOUH!!!” when they told me that HAHAHAHA.

God is good. All the time. 🙂

Thank you Lord!!!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

10 thoughts on “Very Blessed”

  1. Autumn in hk? Kc’s sis said autumn is d best season to go hk cuz d weather is very nice for u to walk around in hk! I’m going at mid of aug, hope it’s not going to be too hot! (but I’m focus on summer sales..) >.<


    1. Yea my friend did say autumn is one of the best seasons to go too!! But I might miss out on the summer sales >_<

      Are you gonna stay at the hotel or at the backpackers?


  2. We will stay at kc’s sis house but it’s a bit far for us to travel to town! >.< I heard those seasonal designer begs for longchamp, Marc Jacob, Chloe will have massive sale!! If u wanna get good bargain, u should u go during summer sale! Personally, prefer spring/summer style than autumn/winter, got lotsa floral print w bright color, winter is more sophicated ^^


    1. Cool you’ll save so much on accommodation!!! Le sigh, I heard about the BIG BIG summer sale! I can’t believe I’m gonna miss it!!! ARGH!!! T_T

      I can’t go in September because I’ll be having my CA exam during then HAIHHHH~ So darn disappointed now 😦

      I hope you’ll have great fun though!!!


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