Selamat Hari Merdeka!

I may not like the people governing my country, but I love my country nonetheless.

That’s where I grew up. Where I was given education. Where I made my first circle of friends. And also where I tasted the best food in my life and had that imprinted in my mind forever, hehe.

I would love to be home on this special day (mainly because it’s a public holiday and I will get to sleep in HAHAHA) not to join the crazy motorcyclists on the road at night with the gazillion flags on their bikes, but just to let it seep into me and enjoy the freedom that God blesses us with, up till this day.

Without God’s blessings, the country might be in an even worse state than it is now and maybe, just maybe, we would really have been kicked out of the country and currently residing in Beijing, China (as how the Johor principal would like it, hmph!).

Anyway, we shan’t spread the hatred or the “oh-it’s-so-unfair” talk today. Let today be the day we all embrace each other and wish each other a very Happy Merdeka Day! Or the good ol’ Selamat Hari Merdeka!

I love you, Malaysia!


In and Out

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time. Work has been crazy and I’ve also been busy with my studies, photoshoots, purlshop and all.

Accompanied Kin up north for a go-kart session with his mates this morning. Was busy “planting hair” for my current amigurumi in the car ‘cos I was shy to let others see them 😳

I didn’t feel like going unto the tracks so I was in charge of watching the bags, wallets, cellphones and cameras instead 😛 The weather was hot and sunny today but quite chilly when you’re in the shade! There were a few flies flying around and ugh(!) I can’t imagine how it’d be when summer is here again.

Headed to Cori Anna for lunch. Had cold noodles with spicy kimchi paste and it was sooooooo good! I couldn’t stop eating ‘cos when it gets spicy in your mouth, you need to take another mouthful of the icy cold noodles! Love it, love it, love it!

Went home, went on MSN for a while then headed out to take some photos of the completed amigurumi. Will show you guys what I’ve been working on soon! Meanwhile, you can have a look at other products that we have in store now 🙂

Went to church at 6:30, came back home, went for dinner, got back home, had a tummy-ache, rushed to the toilet, horrible HORRIBLE diarrhea following that! T_T

This seems like a meaningless post so I guess I’ll just sign off now, hahahaha.


The 6th Year

Dear Dad,

In a blink of an eye, it’s August the 17th again. It’s been six years since you left and all I wanna ask is: “How are you doing up there, dad?” A couple of our family members have also joined you in Heaven this year. Are you guys having great fun in Heaven? I bet so!

I miss you dad, really do. Sometimes when I hear Wing Kin whistling in the house (on very rare occasions), it reminds me of you so much. You used to love whistling so much and you were so very good at it! Siang has got your talent in whistling as well. I can’t really do it unless I pout my lips so much that I look like a sapo, hahahaha!

Oh, I have had my very own cactus plant this year. My colleague gave it to me for my birthday this year. And guess what! It died last week T_T Seriously, I do NOT have green fingers because I can’t even take care of a cactus plant! It’s like the easiest plant to grow, ever, right? I think I gave it too much water or put it out of the sun for too long. It’s so embarrassing ‘cos you used to grow so many cactus plants and they didn’t die in less than half a year. I really suck.

On a totally random note, I sort of can’t wait to see you again, heh. I still see you quite often in my dreams (usually playing a bad boy role -_-) but I guess I wouldn’t mind dying now so I can see you soon (provided I am good and will go to Heaven o_O). I know mum will go “CHEH!” when she reads this hahahahaha! But yeah, I do really miss you a lot and wish I could give you a big bear hug now and hear your voice and watch you smile. =)

Until then, goodnight dad! And I’ll see you in my dreams!



Lalat Eyes

I have finally joined the trend of wearing big sunnies although some fashionistas think they are of dinosaur years already.

Kin lost my 1st pair of aviators and my 2nd pair’s cracked -_-

I initially wanted to look for a pair of retro Tom Ford but they’re waaaaay too expensive for me so I got a pair of Fendi during the mid-year stocktake sale instead. Hooray for sales! I can now haz lalat eyes too!

One Crazy Biatch

Last Friday was the WORST day I’ve ever had in my entire working life, which involved a client of ours scolding me over the phone over some “mistake” I never made, which of course, was in fact HERS that she refused to admit.

I have never, in my entire working period, met someone that rude and cocky before. From the first time I met her, she already gave me this vibe of her being a very unpleasant woman who’s gonna give me a hard time and surely, she did just that last Friday.

Seriously, I find it so hard to respect a person with no respect for others. I don’t care if you have millions of dollars sitting in your bank and the fact that you’re paying me to manage your tax affairs because you don’t even have the decency to actually talk to me like a mature and respectful adult. You just disgust me.


Sigh. And me, being the ever-so-nice person, said not a word when she threw those harsh words at me over the phone. I tried my best to give her an explanation but she didn’t wanna hear a single word from me, cutting me at every two or three words that I say and proceeded to yelling and blaming me for wasting her time yada yada yada.

What. The. Fuck.

I kept my cool. Tried to stop my hands and lips from trembling and finally she hung up on me. Phew. Anymore of that and those tears wouldn’t just be welling up in my eyes…

After a while, I called her up and tried to explain things over again, to which she listened halfheartedly, she hung up on me again. T_T

The good news is, she realized that I was right! THANK GOD. But still, she refused to take the blame and decided to push the blame to my boss instead. Wtf?!

Sigh. I’m glad that it’s over now but I can’t imagine how much more can I take from her in the future. She’s a new client and so far, I’m the only Mandarin speaking senior staff in the office so boss wants me to be in charge of her tax affairs.

Seriously, I’m as good as dead. AHHHHHHHHH!!!