One Crazy Biatch

Last Friday was the WORST day I’ve ever had in my entire working life, which involved a client of ours scolding me over the phone over some “mistake” I never made, which of course, was in fact HERS that she refused to admit.

I have never, in my entire working period, met someone that rude and cocky before. From the first time I met her, she already gave me this vibe of her being a very unpleasant woman who’s gonna give me a hard time and surely, she did just that last Friday.

Seriously, I find it so hard to respect a person with no respect for others. I don’t care if you have millions of dollars sitting in your bank and the fact that you’re paying me to manage your tax affairs because you don’t even have the decency to actually talk to me like a mature and respectful adult. You just disgust me.


Sigh. And me, being the ever-so-nice person, said not a word when she threw those harsh words at me over the phone. I tried my best to give her an explanation but she didn’t wanna hear a single word from me, cutting me at every two or three words that I say and proceeded to yelling and blaming me for wasting her time yada yada yada.

What. The. Fuck.

I kept my cool. Tried to stop my hands and lips from trembling and finally she hung up on me. Phew. Anymore of that and those tears wouldn’t just be welling up in my eyes…

After a while, I called her up and tried to explain things over again, to which she listened halfheartedly, she hung up on me again. T_T

The good news is, she realized that I was right! THANK GOD. But still, she refused to take the blame and decided to push the blame to my boss instead. Wtf?!

Sigh. I’m glad that it’s over now but I can’t imagine how much more can I take from her in the future. She’s a new client and so far, I’m the only Mandarin speaking senior staff in the office so boss wants me to be in charge of her tax affairs.

Seriously, I’m as good as dead. AHHHHHHHHH!!!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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