The 6th Year

Dear Dad,

In a blink of an eye, it’s August the 17th again. It’s been six years since you left and all I wanna ask is: “How are you doing up there, dad?” A couple of our family members have also joined you in Heaven this year. Are you guys having great fun in Heaven? I bet so!

I miss you dad, really do. Sometimes when I hear Wing Kin whistling in the house (on very rare occasions), it reminds me of you so much. You used to love whistling so much and you were so very good at it! Siang has got your talent in whistling as well. I can’t really do it unless I pout my lips so much that I look like a sapo, hahahaha!

Oh, I have had my very own cactus plant this year. My colleague gave it to me for my birthday this year. And guess what! It died last week T_T Seriously, I do NOT have green fingers because I can’t even take care of a cactus plant! It’s like the easiest plant to grow, ever, right? I think I gave it too much water or put it out of the sun for too long. It’s so embarrassing ‘cos you used to grow so many cactus plants and they didn’t die in less than half a year. I really suck.

On a totally random note, I sort of can’t wait to see you again, heh. I still see you quite often in my dreams (usually playing a bad boy role -_-) but I guess I wouldn’t mind dying now so I can see you soon (provided I am good and will go to Heaven o_O). I know mum will go “CHEH!” when she reads this hahahahaha! But yeah, I do really miss you a lot and wish I could give you a big bear hug now and hear your voice and watch you smile. =)

Until then, goodnight dad! And I’ll see you in my dreams!




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