Sleepy Head

It’s officially 2 more weeks till my exam day (yes, ANOTHER one! Exams never seem to end for me GAH! WHYYY!) and yet, I fell asleep studying in my bed today. SIGH. I slept so much that I’m still awake at 1:28 a.m. (albeit getting slightly sleepy right now) I wonder if I’ll be a walking zombie at work tomorrow?

Work has been crazy. When I say crazy I DO mean crazy. We’re getting so many new clients but we only have this small amount of staff. I really think we need to hire more people but I’m in no position to say so. Which sucks. ‘Cos this means we all have to deal with more and more clients each day until the financial year end and then it just keeps going on and on without an end.

There’s so much responsibility in my hands now that I’m even afraid to ask my bosses if I can go back for CNY next year 😦 *Long sigh* But I reaaaally wanna go back!!!

Okay Imma go to bed right now. Don’t wanna think about this anymore. Just wanna sleep it off and be ready for another DULL. MONDAY. MORNING.

Bosses are away for 2 days though so WOOHOO!!!!!!



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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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