Oh! Happy

Happy point #1: Bumped into a friend I haven’t met for about 2 years tonight and he said I’ve slimmed down a lot! 😆 Don’t know if he’s just saying that to make me happy or not but OH WELL, I shall take the compliment and not give it back to him HAHAHAHAHA.

Happy point #2: Finally had the guts this morning to ask my boss if I could go back for Chinese New Year next year and she said yes!!!!!! Miri here I comeeeeeeee~ Will get to attend Stephanie’s wedding too! I’m expecting to see lots and lots of ex-schoolmates & classmates hehehe.

Happy point #3: Kin is going back to Miri and I have parcels from Miri for him to bring back here for me muahahahaha! Saving me heaps of postage cost!!! Thing is, I don’t know when is he coming back though. Hopefully it won’t take him too long lah otherwise my excitement (of getting the parcels) will be all gone by then -_-


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Jessica Blaise S

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5 thoughts on “Oh! Happy”

    1. AWESOME!!!!!! Will be able to catch up with you! Hehehehe…

      Oh oh and Steph’s wedding! I’m quite excited ‘cos it’ll be my first time attending our secondary schoolmate’s wedding!!! :mrgreen:


  1. i’ll be back to Miri for CNY next year too!!!!!! AARHH!!!!! ME HAPPY TOO!!!!

    *cooled down*
    i love the photo of u on the sidebar. the new one 😀 lovely lovely. u hafta teach me how to do that kinda natural make up dear. i wana learn something new 😀


    1. DOUBLE AWESOMENESS!!! LOL!!!!!! I hope more and more are going home for CNY!

      Awww, thank you thank you hehehehe. Definitely can teach you! =)


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