Kin is coming home in less than three hours! I prepared a little surprise for him, nothing big but thought I’d do something special for him this time. By the way, I’m posting this up now because he’s still on the plane and he wouldn’t have a clue about this until he’s back home, hehehehe.

I went hunting for balloons on Saturday, only to find out that balloons pre-order had been fully booked because of halloween 😦 So the only thing I could do was to buy the balloons and inflate them myself!

Well, something disastrous happened. I was busy tying three balloons together this afternoon and suddenly, one of them burst into pieces. I hate it when this happens!!! I think I went deaf for a second there and got a heart attack T_T

Alas, finally looking presentable, hehehe. Amy taught me a trick to make the balloon float by itself, yipee yay! No helium used and best of all, it’s free of charge! Lol!

Now, now, with the cake… I followed a recipe I saw on Coles magazine. The instruction says that I will have to freeze the cake overnight so I decided to make it last night. So I was getting excited and all, reading the recipe happily. First, I need to use an electric beater and mix some ingredients together.

Easy peasy! Now where’s my hand mixer? Oh hang on… Wait a minute, it’s 11pm already! -_- Just to let you know, I live in an apartment, which is primarily resided by the elderly. Two minutes after using the hand mixer, I felt so guilty that I almost slapped my own hand (wtf) because I know those poor gong gong po po want to get a peaceful sleep rather than having some idiot using a hand mixer at 11pm.

Sigh, so I stopped using the hand mixer and decided to beat the mixture by hand instead. The instructions says beat the mixture until soft peaks form. I thought it would form like 2-5 minutes into the beating process but NOOOOOO. I probably spent like half an hour or more beating the crap out of the mixture for it to thicken up a little! I couldn’t be bothered anymore and thought okay, that’s it, I’m gonna pour the mixture into the baking tin now and freeze them overnight! BUT. BUT BUT BUT! The cake tin I bought was way too big T_T Recipe says use a 20cm baking tin but they didn’t sell any of that size in the supermarket so I got a 22cm tin instead. Now the mixture doesn’t even cover half the height of the tin T_T


This morning after I woke up, I decided to make a duplicate of last night’s mixture and layer it on the bottom of the cake so it’ll appear thicker. When there’s a will there’s a way /determined

Soong Wing Kin, you better finish the cake I tell ya! LOL.

Now, let me just continue with my fidgeting till I drive to the airport and welcome him home 🙂

I’m PROBABLY going to welcome him at the airport with another balloon! No, I’m not trying to replay Stephen King’s I.T.!!!


All Things Pink

You know what? Pink was never my favorite color. I’ve always been a “blue” person since I was young. I remember about ten years ago, my aunt asked me what my favorite was and I told her it was blue. So I asked her what’s hers and she replied, “Pink.” I thought to myself, Eeeeee so girly one color!

Ten years later, I have this weird, gradually growing obsession with all things pink. Pink phone, pink lipstick (okay lah I wouldn’t have bought a blue lipstick), pink cardigan, pink skirt, pink sweater dress, pink panties, pink sweater, pink shoes, pink accessories, pink this, pink that, pink left, pink right, pink up, pink down. You get the gist of it.

Okay this post is actually pointless. I thought I’d just write something below the camwhore photo so I’d appear less bimbo-tic. I feel better now. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Where I Came From

I was chatting with mum on MSN yesterday morning and she casually told me, “We found some handwriting on the brick pillar (at the carport) this morning.”

Guess what?

She continued, “It says, Jessica Voon Kah Li I am born in the drain of Pujut.”



I knew rightaway, that it must have been the “good deed” performed by my dear brother. Who else would love me so much to write something about me on the brick pillar? The awesome thing is, this so-called “secret” was so well kept because nobody found out in the past 10 years that it was there!

Of course, my brother couldn’t stop laughing when he saw it. BUT HE DENIED HAVING EVER WRITTEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

Right. Who else could it be besides him. No one. My mum was 101% sure it was him as well. In fact she went downstairs in the middle of our conversation to determine whose handwriting it was and she is absolutely sure that it’s his. -_-

So yeah, perfect! The mystery of my birth is solved! So I was not picked up from the garbage like what my mother claimed.

In fact, I was born in the drain of Pujut. 🙂


My brother had the guts to post this on my Facebook wall:

Mega FML.

Belated Celebration

Had a little belated birthday celebration/dinner for Ben the other night and his birthday was actually TWO months ago -_- Can’t blame him lah since he’s such a busy bee!

Anyway, we had dinner at Tong 86 although my ulcer at my tonsil wasn’t getting any better. In fact it was getting bigger and bigger 😦 But I was craving for Korean food that day so… Meh! (I just had Korean last Friday with Ceci at Took Begi HAHAHAHAHA! Super love their chicken herbal soup /salivating)

I was a bit late ‘cos there was a traffic jam. Also, I drove past the restaurant five freakin’ times but couldn’t find any empty parking spot! Argh!!! Ended up parking at a fee-paying parking lot and walked out from the wrong exit -_-||| Good thing Ben had already ordered the food when I arrived so less waiting time for me! I was already starving by then! He ordered pork belly, scotch fillet, some beef thingy & kimchi pancake. Wah, wah, wah feel like having some now!

In fact, looking at this photo is making me hungry already zzzzzz……

Decided I didn’t wanna embarrass myself by looking red (due to alcohol) in front of a male friend so I ordered an apple soda instead.

Shiet I think I’m really hungry right now T_T MUST. NOT. LOOK. AT. JUICY. FAT. PORK. BELLY. *Noms keyboard*

Nah. Ben in office attire HAHAHAHA. Sorry I couldn’t help it. 😆

A Tuesday Post

Just got home from Meng’s. Had dinner at his place and watched “Nightmares on Elm Street” together with Fi. So glad Freddy didn’t appear in my backseat while I was driving home 😆

Awesome news for the day – my DSLR is coming home tomorrow. Sent it away for repair two weeks ago because something was wrong with the aperture control unit. What an awful, awful feeling knowing something was wrong with the camera and I couldn’t fix it! But everything’s all good now. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow 🙂

Besides that, work’s been going a bit crazy lately. Bosses will be away in Singapore till end of this week. Usually we’d be super happy when they’re away ‘cos we’ll be free to do whatever we want / slack in the office. But I’ve been asked to go out and meet a client today and because we couldn’t get things done today, I’ll have to go back tomorrow 😦 And on top of that(!), get this, the report needs to be done the day after tomorrow. How am I supposed to do all that in two days?! Sometimes I really do think my boss overestimates my capability!

Anyway, enough ranting, my eyes are super dry already so I should probably go hit the shower and go to bed. My dry eyes have been driving me mad for the past couple of days. I feel like I don’t have enough sleep everyday (but I do!) and my eyes just want to be kept shut or they’ll be super dry and annoy the shit out of me T_T And to make things worse, I’m also having an ulcer at my throat, boohoo!

Can’t wait for Wing Kin to be back. He’s been away since two weeks ago for a trip back to Miri. It’ll be another two more weeks before he comes back. I wish time would just fly from now to two weeks later and then stop there, hahahaha. Lame. 😳

DIY Manicure

I was bored yesterday so I gave myself a French manicure at home, teehee. Turned out pretty successful so my nails are happy now! Happy nails = happy Jess!

On another note, my throat is sore and I have blisters on my toes from walking too much in heels on Friday night :(. I think the sore throat’s from the burnt curry I had tonight T_T Didn’t stir the mixture properly and I wasn’t watching the fire ‘cos I was busy watching Modern Family so I basically burnt the base. Now not only did I have burnt curry for dinner, I’m going to have burnt curry for tomorrow’s lunch as well! -_-

Super, duper sleepy now after catching 8 continuous episodes of Korean drama last night! Currently watching the Korean version of “Mischievous Kiss/Naughty Kiss” and I’m currently at episode 14!!! I get to have the TV all to myself every night so I just can’t stop watching, hahahaha!

Alright, I’m off! Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

Bye Bye Indo Mie

Hey guys,

Have you all heard about the Indo Mie ban in Taiwan yet? Apparently, it contains some kinda “bad” preservatives so they’ve been banned.

No, it’s not a hoax because I watched the video below and it looks pretty real to me!

Gonna have to throw that half a box of Indo Mie I have at home!

Bye bye Indo Mie. You will be missed.

Mooncake Festival 2010

Last, last Wednesday was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Malaysians also refer to this festival as the Mooncake Festival or the Tanglung Festival.

Last year, Kin and I spent our Mooncake Festival by ourselves by playing tanglung and eating mooncake at the car-park downstairs, lol. This year, it was much more happening because we got to spend it with a few other friends! Yay!

For dinner, we headed to The Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge. The food was very satisfying, everyone loved it! I also took some photos to share with you guys.

The photos are making me hungry again!

After dinner, we headed to Meng’s place to play tanglung! 😀

Now that’s when things got a bit crazy! 🙄

We were supposed to play with tanglung (look at tanglung on the tree!) but Fi took out some sparkles and we all went OH YAY LET’S PLAY WITH SPARKLES INSTEAD! And well, the photo above was supposed to be a photo of a dick which the guys decided to “draw”. But they failed because the balls were so far apart hahahahahahahaha.

Our next idea was to write “Happy Mooncake Festival” to show our friends & family. We spent like about 15 minutes doing this I think and each sparkle lasted for only like a minute or two. Everyone took turns to write our own greeting but most of the time, we failed, hahahaha! But it was great fun!

Soon enough, we were running low on sparkles, so we decided to use torchlights instead. NAH! Finally a rather presentable one. The word “festival” was too big though. My fault 😳

Before you know it, the guys started drawing ojibala stuffs. Ojibala #1: Poop & star.

Ojibala #2: Man & star & small man in a box on a spring (wtf?)

Ojibala #3: Sumo wrestlers. HAHAHA Meng (on the right) looked like a teenage mutant ninja turtle!

Ojibala #4: Some multi-hand goddess or something.

Ojibala #5: Sohai-s HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ojibala #6: Christmas tree with freaky looking snowman.

Ojibala #7: Poot poot cheh!

That’s all folks! The rest of the photos are way TOO obscene to put on this blog because it’s rated G! In fact I’m also lazy to write this any longer LOL.

Huff, Puff, Done!

Overlooking part of Perth City at 8 something in the morning. Taken about 50 minutes before my exam. What a beautiful sight!

I had about 40-45 minutes to spare before we all enter the exam venue so I spent some time reading through the study materials again. Just then, I realized I haven’t went through Unit 1 & 2’s exercises so I thought “Oh crap, maybe I should go through some now!”

Turns out one of the questions I looked at, came out as the first question in the exam paper.

Thank you Lord.