Mooncake Festival 2010

Last, last Wednesday was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Malaysians also refer to this festival as the Mooncake Festival or the Tanglung Festival.

Last year, Kin and I spent our Mooncake Festival by ourselves by playing tanglung and eating mooncake at the car-park downstairs, lol. This year, it was much more happening because we got to spend it with a few other friends! Yay!

For dinner, we headed to The Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge. The food was very satisfying, everyone loved it! I also took some photos to share with you guys.

The photos are making me hungry again!

After dinner, we headed to Meng’s place to play tanglung! 😀

Now that’s when things got a bit crazy! 🙄

We were supposed to play with tanglung (look at tanglung on the tree!) but Fi took out some sparkles and we all went OH YAY LET’S PLAY WITH SPARKLES INSTEAD! And well, the photo above was supposed to be a photo of a dick which the guys decided to “draw”. But they failed because the balls were so far apart hahahahahahahaha.

Our next idea was to write “Happy Mooncake Festival” to show our friends & family. We spent like about 15 minutes doing this I think and each sparkle lasted for only like a minute or two. Everyone took turns to write our own greeting but most of the time, we failed, hahahaha! But it was great fun!

Soon enough, we were running low on sparkles, so we decided to use torchlights instead. NAH! Finally a rather presentable one. The word “festival” was too big though. My fault 😳

Before you know it, the guys started drawing ojibala stuffs. Ojibala #1: Poop & star.

Ojibala #2: Man & star & small man in a box on a spring (wtf?)

Ojibala #3: Sumo wrestlers. HAHAHA Meng (on the right) looked like a teenage mutant ninja turtle!

Ojibala #4: Some multi-hand goddess or something.

Ojibala #5: Sohai-s HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ojibala #6: Christmas tree with freaky looking snowman.

Ojibala #7: Poot poot cheh!

That’s all folks! The rest of the photos are way TOO obscene to put on this blog because it’s rated G! In fact I’m also lazy to write this any longer LOL.

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3 thoughts on “Mooncake Festival 2010”

    1. Hi Siok Ngi!! I used a very long shutter speed to take the photos, about 30 seconds I reckon, so the camera is able to capture the movement of light for a longer period, hehe. The trick with using the torchlight is that once you finish drawing something, you turn the light off, move to the right a little or wherever, turn it on and draw something else again. Just make sure you do everything within 30 secs! 😉


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