Bye Bye Indo Mie

Hey guys,

Have you all heard about the Indo Mie ban in Taiwan yet? Apparently, it contains some kinda “bad” preservatives so they’ve been banned.

No, it’s not a hoax because I watched the video below and it looks pretty real to me!

Gonna have to throw that half a box of Indo Mie I have at home!

Bye bye Indo Mie. You will be missed.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Bye Bye Indo Mie”

    1. Sigh I have half a box I have to throw them away but I scared people see in rubbish bin pick up and bring home to cook and eat -_-”’

      I think the Mi Sedaaap brand (also made in Indonesia) also one of the banned ones! The rest I don’t know.

      Better be careful with what we eat loh. I heard this one will cause stomach cancer if you consume a lot o_O Last time hungry I still ngeh ngeh lut 2 packets only o_O


  1. you have half a box means you only consumed half box… but mine left 5 packs it means i’ve consumed about…. 3/4? LOL….

    but i have LOTS of myojo -__-
    ok, shall eat healthy from now on.. maybe u can cook first baru throw.. in that case no one will pick up d xD


    1. HAHAHAA Oh yeah!!!!!!! I think you ate more than me! Plus Wing Kin ate some as well so I didn’t consume half a box, lol lol!!!

      Mee Myojo!!!

      Yeah we all know we have to eat healthy but sometimes we’re just TOO LAZY TO BE BOTHERED hence the instant noodles, heh!

      Cook already then throw, lol! Later my pot has a coat of preservatives from the Indomie that can’t be washed off! 😯


  2. NOooo way! I have 4 packs left..its so yummy…can eat in moderation??
    hmm..this will be my last 4?? or maybe I can cook for my angmo friends…coz they never eat before..and if they eat one sure wont die right?


    1. HAHAHAHA Oh twinny! Don’t know leh! They said the preservatives they put in Indomie are the ones they put in cosmetics and it can cause damage to your liver and stomach. I don’t know if you should risk it =(

      Later something happens to your angmoh friends how!!!


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