A Tuesday Post

Just got home from Meng’s. Had dinner at his place and watched “Nightmares on Elm Street” together with Fi. So glad Freddy didn’t appear in my backseat while I was driving home 😆

Awesome news for the day – my DSLR is coming home tomorrow. Sent it away for repair two weeks ago because something was wrong with the aperture control unit. What an awful, awful feeling knowing something was wrong with the camera and I couldn’t fix it! But everything’s all good now. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow 🙂

Besides that, work’s been going a bit crazy lately. Bosses will be away in Singapore till end of this week. Usually we’d be super happy when they’re away ‘cos we’ll be free to do whatever we want / slack in the office. But I’ve been asked to go out and meet a client today and because we couldn’t get things done today, I’ll have to go back tomorrow 😦 And on top of that(!), get this, the report needs to be done the day after tomorrow. How am I supposed to do all that in two days?! Sometimes I really do think my boss overestimates my capability!

Anyway, enough ranting, my eyes are super dry already so I should probably go hit the shower and go to bed. My dry eyes have been driving me mad for the past couple of days. I feel like I don’t have enough sleep everyday (but I do!) and my eyes just want to be kept shut or they’ll be super dry and annoy the shit out of me T_T And to make things worse, I’m also having an ulcer at my throat, boohoo!

Can’t wait for Wing Kin to be back. He’s been away since two weeks ago for a trip back to Miri. It’ll be another two more weeks before he comes back. I wish time would just fly from now to two weeks later and then stop there, hahahaha. Lame. 😳

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Jessica Blaise S

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