Belated Celebration

Had a little belated birthday celebration/dinner for Ben the other night and his birthday was actually TWO months ago -_- Can’t blame him lah since he’s such a busy bee!

Anyway, we had dinner at Tong 86 although my ulcer at my tonsil wasn’t getting any better. In fact it was getting bigger and bigger 😦 But I was craving for Korean food that day so… Meh! (I just had Korean last Friday with Ceci at Took Begi HAHAHAHAHA! Super love their chicken herbal soup /salivating)

I was a bit late ‘cos there was a traffic jam. Also, I drove past the restaurant five freakin’ times but couldn’t find any empty parking spot! Argh!!! Ended up parking at a fee-paying parking lot and walked out from the wrong exit -_-||| Good thing Ben had already ordered the food when I arrived so less waiting time for me! I was already starving by then! He ordered pork belly, scotch fillet, some beef thingy & kimchi pancake. Wah, wah, wah feel like having some now!

In fact, looking at this photo is making me hungry already zzzzzz……

Decided I didn’t wanna embarrass myself by looking red (due to alcohol) in front of a male friend so I ordered an apple soda instead.

Shiet I think I’m really hungry right now T_T MUST. NOT. LOOK. AT. JUICY. FAT. PORK. BELLY. *Noms keyboard*

Nah. Ben in office attire HAHAHAHA. Sorry I couldn’t help it. 😆

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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