Where I Came From

I was chatting with mum on MSN yesterday morning and she casually told me, “We found some handwriting on the brick pillar (at the carport) this morning.”

Guess what?

She continued, “It says, Jessica Voon Kah Li I am born in the drain of Pujut.”



I knew rightaway, that it must have been the “good deed” performed by my dear brother. Who else would love me so much to write something about me on the brick pillar? The awesome thing is, this so-called “secret” was so well kept because nobody found out in the past 10 years that it was there!

Of course, my brother couldn’t stop laughing when he saw it. BUT HE DENIED HAVING EVER WRITTEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

Right. Who else could it be besides him. No one. My mum was 101% sure it was him as well. In fact she went downstairs in the middle of our conversation to determine whose handwriting it was and she is absolutely sure that it’s his. -_-

So yeah, perfect! The mystery of my birth is solved! So I was not picked up from the garbage like what my mother claimed.

In fact, I was born in the drain of Pujut. 🙂


My brother had the guts to post this on my Facebook wall:

Mega FML.


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