All Things Pink

You know what? Pink was never my favorite color. I’ve always been a “blue” person since I was young. I remember about ten years ago, my aunt asked me what my favorite was and I told her it was blue. So I asked her what’s hers and she replied, “Pink.” I thought to myself, Eeeeee so girly one color!

Ten years later, I have this weird, gradually growing obsession with all things pink. Pink phone, pink lipstick (okay lah I wouldn’t have bought a blue lipstick), pink cardigan, pink skirt, pink sweater dress, pink panties, pink sweater, pink shoes, pink accessories, pink this, pink that, pink left, pink right, pink up, pink down. You get the gist of it.

Okay this post is actually pointless. I thought I’d just write something below the camwhore photo so I’d appear less bimbo-tic. I feel better now. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “All Things Pink”

  1. You absolutely look great & HAPPY & bright !!! hahahahahah life must have been really great there !!!! girl can give me your msn add? or add me @, I setup a new one cus I forgot my password to my previous one, like 3 times in 3 days =.= !!!! Hahahaha… anyway wad did you use to edit the photos, i mean how can you put those merge those pictures and cute lil animated photos on top of ur own?? i wanna make one myself too !!!


    1. Hi Fish!!! Thank you!!!!!! Will add you on MSN! The program’s called meitu xiuxiu! I noticed that a lot of people have been using it lately, hehehehe.. there’s a “signature” look to their filters & effects πŸ˜›


  2. meitu xiuxiu hahahaha such cute name !!! hehehehe am gonna start using it too til i download it !! heehehhehe…. i wanna ask you about the CA thing when you free, i mean when we’re online, i’ve started my first paper in CPA, but lately been thinking a lot about CA as a better choice… anyway, til we talk !!! hehehehe take care !!!


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