Kin is coming home in less than three hours! I prepared a little surprise for him, nothing big but thought I’d do something special for him this time. By the way, I’m posting this up now because he’s still on the plane and he wouldn’t have a clue about this until he’s back home, hehehehe.

I went hunting for balloons on Saturday, only to find out that balloons pre-order had been fully booked because of halloween 😦 So the only thing I could do was to buy the balloons and inflate them myself!

Well, something disastrous happened. I was busy tying three balloons together this afternoon and suddenly, one of them burst into pieces. I hate it when this happens!!! I think I went deaf for a second there and got a heart attack T_T

Alas, finally looking presentable, hehehe. Amy taught me a trick to make the balloon float by itself, yipee yay! No helium used and best of all, it’s free of charge! Lol!

Now, now, with the cake… I followed a recipe I saw on Coles magazine. The instruction says that I will have to freeze the cake overnight so I decided to make it last night. So I was getting excited and all, reading the recipe happily. First, I need to use an electric beater and mix some ingredients together.

Easy peasy! Now where’s my hand mixer? Oh hang on… Wait a minute, it’s 11pm already! -_- Just to let you know, I live in an apartment, which is primarily resided by the elderly. Two minutes after using the hand mixer, I felt so guilty that I almost slapped my own hand (wtf) because I know those poor gong gong po po want to get a peaceful sleep rather than having some idiot using a hand mixer at 11pm.

Sigh, so I stopped using the hand mixer and decided to beat the mixture by hand instead. The instructions says beat the mixture until soft peaks form. I thought it would form like 2-5 minutes into the beating process but NOOOOOO. I probably spent like half an hour or more beating the crap out of the mixture for it to thicken up a little! I couldn’t be bothered anymore and thought okay, that’s it, I’m gonna pour the mixture into the baking tin now and freeze them overnight! BUT. BUT BUT BUT! The cake tin I bought was way too big T_T Recipe says use a 20cm baking tin but they didn’t sell any of that size in the supermarket so I got a 22cm tin instead. Now the mixture doesn’t even cover half the height of the tin T_T


This morning after I woke up, I decided to make a duplicate of last night’s mixture and layer it on the bottom of the cake so it’ll appear thicker. When there’s a will there’s a way /determined

Soong Wing Kin, you better finish the cake I tell ya! LOL.

Now, let me just continue with my fidgeting till I drive to the airport and welcome him home 🙂

I’m PROBABLY going to welcome him at the airport with another balloon! No, I’m not trying to replay Stephen King’s I.T.!!!


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