Updated photo below:

It’s Kin and I’s special day today so decided to dress up and head out for dinner =) Initially wanted to go to Tony Roma’s for ribs but the place was full when we arrived. We were told we’d have to wait for 45 minutes to be seated! We were too hungry by then so we decided to head somewhere else instead, somewhere less crowded.

Alas, we went to Adelphia Steakhouse & Bar Restaurant at Hilton. The food was alright but our orders were messed up a few times, guess it’s a busy night after all.

And now, I’m going to fill this post with vain shots of myself……

On the way to the city.

Taking a photo with the flash is necessary to check whether you’ve applied your foundation evenly across your face!

Taken at Adelphi Steakhouse & Bar. I was waving my hands, telling him that his finger’s blocking the camera lens, hahahaha.

Lastly, a photo of me with a photoshopped nose taken at home. Is this how I’ll look like if I get a nose job?

Do you think I should get one? Hahahahahaha……

Update: Me comfortably wearing my original nose without photoshop, lol. Finally, I look like myself!


For Mummy

Got my mum a designer dress for the first time. A printed silk-blend dress by See by Chloé.

My Study Companion

Having an exam next Monday and these were my revision companion for the past few days: Strawberries + Yakult

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Dear Mummy,

Happy Birthday to you!!! So sorry I can’t be there to spend your birthday with you again this year 😦 I thank popo for giving birth to you on this special day because without you, we wouldn’t be in this world – me, Siang and Ni!

I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest. Enjoy your cake, laugh heaps and most of all, age gracefully (which you are doing great already).

Now, to make you happier, I found the youngest looking photo of you I have on my computer since the pretty and young ones are with you guys at home, hahaha.

Look at how cute you all were in 2000. You were so thin back then (HAHAHAHA) and Ni and Siang were so tiny!!! You were still taller than both of them back then, hahahahaha.

Nah, still pretty bah in 2010, ten years after the photo above. Hehehehe…

Lately, I’ve been wanting to turn back time and relive my childhood memories once again. Which, you know, involves:

  1. Me locking you outside the house because you were chasing me with a cane, HAHAHAHAHA.
  2. Me playing pong pong che at Pelita Tunku and getting to take a ride on the plastic elephant/plane/horse thingy which costs 50 cents.
  3. You buying me clothes/shoes that I refuse to wear because they looked too girlish (those qi pao and red glossy flats with white fishnet for Chinese New Year).
  4. You drawing me milk bottles, princesses and zhut zhut which I love because I love my zhut zhut!!! In fact I appreciate this a lot as you hardly draw, just because you think you suck at drawing but you don’t know how much I love your drawings!
  5. You tying braids for me I remember once when I was still in kindy, you tied a braid for me at the side of my head and I left it on for a few days, refusing to untie it even when I shower, hahahahaha.
  6. You buying me my favorite Popeye rubber wellington boots!
  7. Me and Siang knocking at your door at 6 in the morning on weekends so when you open the door we will run to your bed and snuggle in between you and baba.
  8. Me hiding underneath your office desk in your office when your manager comes in to talk to you, HAHAHAHA. Can’t believe I was still doing that when I was already in primary school -_-
  9. Me whining and complaining when you and dad switch to TV2 or TV3 to watch the 7pm news. Argh! I want to watch my drama bah…
  10. Me and Siang drinking milk while watching TV with you, baba, MC yiyi and SH yiyi. The two yiyis will complain about me still drinking nenen at the age of 9 but I don’t care because Fernleaf milk with Milo is just SOOOOO yummy if I drink it from my milk bottle and not from a cup. Bleah!
  11. Us dressing Siang up in a dress and helping him put on lipstick and makeup and taking pretty photos of him, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  12. Me hopping into our car with excitement after my art class one day because there you were, sitting in the front seat, holding my little sister, whom I got to meet for the very first time in my life.

The list can go on forever. I love my childhood! And I love you mum! You mean the world to me, honestly.

Happy Birthday to you from Li.

Kin’s 25th

Sorry guys, I’ve been trying since forever to write a post on Wing Kin’s 25th birthday but I haven’t found the time to! Even when I did, the video clip that I recorded on his birthday is way too big to be uploaded on the net. I also do not have the program to convert it to a format which I can edit, boohoo!

So, I decided to just take snapshots of the video itself and post them here. I guess it’s an even better idea to do so ‘cos then you won’t be able to listen to my duck-like voice. Ahem.

The “birthday song-singing, wish-making & cake-cutting” ceremony! The cake looked quite fail before we started putting the berries on hahahahaha. Taste-wise, way too sweet!!! I think I’ll have to cut down on the condensed milk the next time. It’s all the recipe’s fault! 😡

Nah, more presentable looking ice-cream cake made by yours truly.

I have a few other photos from the birthday dinner with our friends, but the restaurant was very dimly lit so the photos didn’t turn out post-it-on-my-blog worthy.

It was a long, long night. The restaurant I initially wanted to go to wasn’t open ‘cos it was a Monday 😥 When we drove to the second restaurant to try our luck, it wasn’t open as well (talking about luck). At last, we just went to a random restaurant near where we stopped and dined there. It was a classy restaurant that served a forty-dollar lamb rack that’s smaller than the size of half my fist.

Anyway, that night was fun! We didn’t manage to finish the cake because it is too sweet and yes, it is still sitting in my freezer as I’m typing right now.

It’s good to have the babi back. I’ve missed him