Kin’s 25th

Sorry guys, I’ve been trying since forever to write a post on Wing Kin’s 25th birthday but I haven’t found the time to! Even when I did, the video clip that I recorded on his birthday is way too big to be uploaded on the net. I also do not have the program to convert it to a format which I can edit, boohoo!

So, I decided to just take snapshots of the video itself and post them here. I guess it’s an even better idea to do so ‘cos then you won’t be able to listen to my duck-like voice. Ahem.

The “birthday song-singing, wish-making & cake-cutting” ceremony! The cake looked quite fail before we started putting the berries on hahahahaha. Taste-wise, way too sweet!!! I think I’ll have to cut down on the condensed milk the next time. It’s all the recipe’s fault! 😡

Nah, more presentable looking ice-cream cake made by yours truly.

I have a few other photos from the birthday dinner with our friends, but the restaurant was very dimly lit so the photos didn’t turn out post-it-on-my-blog worthy.

It was a long, long night. The restaurant I initially wanted to go to wasn’t open ‘cos it was a Monday 😥 When we drove to the second restaurant to try our luck, it wasn’t open as well (talking about luck). At last, we just went to a random restaurant near where we stopped and dined there. It was a classy restaurant that served a forty-dollar lamb rack that’s smaller than the size of half my fist.

Anyway, that night was fun! We didn’t manage to finish the cake because it is too sweet and yes, it is still sitting in my freezer as I’m typing right now.

It’s good to have the babi back. I’ve missed him


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