Updated photo below:

It’s Kin and I’s special day today so decided to dress up and head out for dinner =) Initially wanted to go to Tony Roma’s for ribs but the place was full when we arrived. We were told we’d have to wait for 45 minutes to be seated! We were too hungry by then so we decided to head somewhere else instead, somewhere less crowded.

Alas, we went to Adelphia Steakhouse & Bar Restaurant at Hilton. The food was alright but our orders were messed up a few times, guess it’s a busy night after all.

And now, I’m going to fill this post with vain shots of myself……

On the way to the city.

Taking a photo with the flash is necessary to check whether you’ve applied your foundation evenly across your face!

Taken at Adelphi Steakhouse & Bar. I was waving my hands, telling him that his finger’s blocking the camera lens, hahahaha.

Lastly, a photo of me with a photoshopped nose taken at home. Is this how I’ll look like if I get a nose job?

Do you think I should get one? Hahahahahaha……

Update: Me comfortably wearing my original nose without photoshop, lol. Finally, I look like myself!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

12 thoughts on “Three”

  1. hi jessica, have been reading your blog for quite a while, really like your style and your photosss =))

    wonder if you mind to share what photoshop programme you are using? i’m looking for one, but really no idea where to start. i’m just a beginner :p


    1. Hi Elly,

      I’ve been using a mixture of a few photoshop programs – Adobe Photoshop CS4, Photoscape and also Meitu Xiu Xiu. Will be getting a CS5 soon after my exams, it’s the more complicated photoshop program and everything has to be done manually so I guess it’ll be a bit harder for beginners.

      The easier programs to use are Photoscape and Meitu Xiuxiu. If you know how to read Chinese, Meitu Xiuxiu will give you more options and it’s easier to play around with with your photos.

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚


  2. hey, that’s very helpful =)) one of my friend is using meitu xiu xiu, i did try it out at her place & that’s fun, but it can make the double chin disappear (or maybe i dont know how to)

    so perhaps will try out CS4. do you bought it or just download ?


    1. Guess you can play around with the different programs and see which one works the best for you! A tip to prevent double chin sighted in photos is to take a photo of yourself from the good ol’ 45 degrees from the top πŸ˜‰

      A friend got me the CS4 =)


  3. Ah moi…you are so cantik~
    Thats a good tip for checking the evenness of your foundation.
    And, you are already so beautiful I disagree with the nose job!! in fact, your last picture is very generic looking. kekeke…like dawn yang.


    1. Hiiii Twinnyy!!!

      Thankkkkk youuuu…. I cannot get myself to like the last picture because it just doesn’t look like me! Funny how a nose can change everything! I prefer my original nose, which I got from my baba, hehehehe… I think my original nose is my trademark πŸ˜€


      1. hahah…No offense but Yes twinny I agree.
        Ur trademark nose is more beautiful..although I keep comparing the 2 now and I think..both look fake..coz both is too pretty~ hahhahahahhahaha!!!!

        did that sound like an insult? I hope not..u know me la. I mean it as a compliment. Kekeke.

        More pics more pics! I wanna see more of you. Entice me to visit you again. Please and thank you.


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