The Real Boxing Day Damage

So, there was no way that I would come home half empty-handed on Boxing Day. I now know why I didn’t spend much on Boxing Day. It was because I haven’t felt the itch kick in just yet. When I finally did the next day, I headed back to the city with Kin this time to grab a Scanpan Impact 5-piece cookware set which had a 50% discount.

The thing is, I don’t even have the space to put them in my tiny little apartment, I know that fairly well. But I bought them anyway with the excuse that I might be moving out to an unfurnished house next year and I’ll need a proper cookware set then hahahaha!

Awesome, beautiful set of cookware – which I can’t use now and will have to leave them unpacked in the box and stuff it somewhere in the corner of the apartment.

The other upside of getting this cookware set is that I actually cleaned up a LOT of junk at my place today just so I could fit the box into one of the corners, lol! Finally threw away my uni textbooks after like what, four years?!

The next, next day, I got more skincare to add to the collection ‘cos 1) one came with a free gift; and 2) the other was dirt cheap I basically got four other products for only $4. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how I got conned into buying all these shit awesome stuff for my face. Man, they’d better work wonders for my face I tell ya! *shakes fist in air

Overall Boxing Day and post-Boxing Day damage:

  • Two Sass & Bide tops
  • Nail lacquer
  • Scanpan Impact cookware set
  • Moisturizer (with free gifts!)
  • SK-II skincare set with a free silk scarf

So tell me, did Boxing Day do you a huge damage this year as well?


What a Merry Christmas

How did you all celebrate your Christmas?

Kin and I had a quiet Christmas this year – church in the morning, prepared and roasted a HUGE pork leg the whole afternoon and had dinner together at night, followed by a yummy dessert of Aeroplane jelly + custard!

The roasted pork leg was a success! The outer part of the stuffing was a bit burnt though so I’m not gonna post any close up photos of it, haha. But you can see the beautiful crispy skin of it in the photo above behind my favorite Aeroplane jelly!

I received plenty of presents this year! Yipee!!! So happy to know that I was remembered by many 😛 Thanks to all of you who bought me a Christmas present this year! You know who you are 🙂

On another note, I didn’t do my wallet a big damage on Boxing Day this year – only bought two tops from Sass & Bide and a nail lacquer. I almost ended up buying a pair of Ferragamo though! o_O

Gonna head back to the city today to grab a Scanpan cookware set. I’m turning into such a housewife!

My First Film!

I had my very first roll of film processed and printed this week! I was very, very excited to see the photos but also quite worried that none of them would turn out good.

That’s the thing with film cameras isn’t it? You don’t get to see how the pictures turn out on your LCD screen like you do with your digital cameras and it’s just KILLING you! You don’t know if you’ve framed the photo right, or whether they are under- or over-exposed, or worse, maybe you only just realized that all this while, you have been taking blank photos because you had your lens cap on! Now that would really suck.

But I’m highly drawn to film right now. The suspense – from the moment you take your first frame, to the last, and finally seeing the outcome – is overwhelming and I’m addicted to it! I can foresee myself getting loads of film from now on and just go snap! snap! snap! everywhere I go, hahaha!

I’ve only tried black and white films so far but I’m eager to try out colored ones as well. Can’t wait!

I’ve uploaded some photos from my first roll of film to share with you guys so if you’re interested, do click on the “Read More” link below, have a browse and let me know what you think!

Continue reading My First Film!

Laced Up Oxfords

I’ve been wanting a pair of laced-up oxfords for ages! Always looking out for them whenever I visit shoe shops or online boutiques but they are always too pricey for me. The last time I saw a pair that I really, really liked at ZOMP, it had a price tag of four hundred freakin’ plus dollars to it; another pair I saw online cost three hundred plus. Both of them are WAY out of my budget!

But guess what, I came across a pair that looked quite decent on the web about three weeks ago and the price didn’t give me a heart attack. I was worried that they might not fit me because the reviews say that they run small. But I got them last week and they fit me perfectly! There’s even room for socks during the colder days, hehehe.

I wore them for the first time for a dinner date with Kin tonight.

They’re so lovely I just them!

My Cousin Was Here

There has been a lack of update on this blog for the past few months – all because my life was slowly turning into this dull, boring, mediocre lifestyle I basically just wake up, go to work, get busy, come home, eat, shit, shower, sleep. So when weekend comes, I try to get out as much as I can because this just won’t do!

Anyway, since I haven’t been taking any photos (of myself in particular) lately I find it even harder to update this blog. At least with camwhore shots of myself, I can just post one up, if not a few, then call it a day, hahahaha.

But hey, I have some photos for this post today. My cousin came to visit about 2 weeks ago and we hung out for a bit. My mum wanted to see some photos so I’m posting them here.

Taken by yours truly.

My cousin has this awesome big ass Canon 5D Mark II! He took some photos of us using it and I think they looked good from the big ass LCD screen. Will post them up when I get them from him, hehehehehe.


I’ve been playing this for nearly an hour now and I tell ya it’s the most frustrating yet addictive game ever! You’re playing the character of an Olympics athlete and you basically have to run 100 metres, with you controlling his thighs and calves movements.

Nearly an hour and my best score is only 21.9m T_T

Go and try it out!!!

Update: Okay, I managed a higher score this time – 29.4m! That’s like nearly 30% of the whole track! *self comfort*

Update no. 2: Latest score – 34.7!!! Forgot to take any pictures of it -_- Anyway, off to lunch now!

The Last Month of 2010

Can’t believe it’s December already! Time really, really, really flies! Now, did I just write my New Year resolution like 11 months ago? Seriously, I can’t even remember what my resolutions are -_-

Work’s been a little crazy lately, but when is it not? T_T Boss is expecting us to finish all the jobs on hand right now before we take our Christmas break so we can start anew in 2011. Right, and I have like about fifteen financial report and tax returns to complete. No, it doesn’t sound like a lot I know but the amount of work and time I actually have to put in is not pretty! But I shan’t complain because Christmas holiday is only what… three weeks away! Yipee!!!

The sucky part is that summer is here and the temperature will be scorching hot during Christmas, I just know it. It’s like that every single year T_T How I envy those who are enjoying a beautiful white Christmas while I have to stay indoors with the air conditioner blasting away on super turbo power.

Ok lah, that doesn’t sound too bad. But it’ll be quite a quiet Christmas this year ‘cos some friends are spending Christmas back home and I don’t really feel like joining another group of friends for a karaoke celebration. Oh, and I’m seriously considering roasting a turkey this year. /stern face

On a side note, there are so many things I want for Christmas this year! If only Santa were real, then I might wake up on Christmas morning to find my stockings filled with lots and lots of presents!

If only!!!