The Last Month of 2010

Can’t believe it’s December already! Time really, really, really flies! Now, did I just write my New Year resolution like 11 months ago? Seriously, I can’t even remember what my resolutions are -_-

Work’s been a little crazy lately, but when is it not? T_T Boss is expecting us to finish all the jobs on hand right now before we take our Christmas break so we can start anew in 2011. Right, and I have like about fifteen financial report and tax returns to complete. No, it doesn’t sound like a lot I know but the amount of work and time I actually have to put in is not pretty! But I shan’t complain because Christmas holiday is only what… three weeks away! Yipee!!!

The sucky part is that summer is here and the temperature will be scorching hot during Christmas, I just know it. It’s like that every single year T_T How I envy those who are enjoying a beautiful white Christmas while I have to stay indoors with the air conditioner blasting away on super turbo power.

Ok lah, that doesn’t sound too bad. But it’ll be quite a quiet Christmas this year ‘cos some friends are spending Christmas back home and I don’t really feel like joining another group of friends for a karaoke celebration. Oh, and I’m seriously considering roasting a turkey this year. /stern face

On a side note, there are so many things I want for Christmas this year! If only Santa were real, then I might wake up on Christmas morning to find my stockings filled with lots and lots of presents!

If only!!!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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