My Cousin Was Here

There has been a lack of update on this blog for the past few months – all because my life was slowly turning into this dull, boring, mediocre lifestyle I basically just wake up, go to work, get busy, come home, eat, shit, shower, sleep. So when weekend comes, I try to get out as much as I can because this just won’t do!

Anyway, since I haven’t been taking any photos (of myself in particular) lately I find it even harder to update this blog. At least with camwhore shots of myself, I can just post one up, if not a few, then call it a day, hahahaha.

But hey, I have some photos for this post today. My cousin came to visit about 2 weeks ago and we hung out for a bit. My mum wanted to see some photos so I’m posting them here.

Taken by yours truly.

My cousin has this awesome big ass Canon 5D Mark II! He took some photos of us using it and I think they looked good from the big ass LCD screen. Will post them up when I get them from him, hehehehehe.


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Jessica Blaise S

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