My First Film!

I had my very first roll of film processed and printed this week! I was very, very excited to see the photos but also quite worried that none of them would turn out good.

That’s the thing with film cameras isn’t it? You don’t get to see how the pictures turn out on your LCD screen like you do with your digital cameras and it’s just KILLING you! You don’t know if you’ve framed the photo right, or whether they are under- or over-exposed, or worse, maybe you only just realized that all this while, you have been taking blank photos because you had your lens cap on! Now that would really suck.

But I’m highly drawn to film right now. The suspense – from the moment you take your first frame, to the last, and finally seeing the outcome – is overwhelming and I’m addicted to it! I can foresee myself getting loads of film from now on and just go snap! snap! snap! everywhere I go, hahaha!

I’ve only tried black and white films so far but I’m eager to try out colored ones as well. Can’t wait!

I’ve uploaded some photos from my first roll of film to share with you guys so if you’re interested, do click on the “Read More” link below, have a browse and let me know what you think!

Riverside, Mandurah.

The Jetty.

Riverside, Mandurah.

The actual print is actually a lot sharper than this copy that I took with my dSLR.

City Shot.


Can’t remember where I took this. Blurred but I quite like it that way, hehe.

M on the Point, Mandurah. Overexposed!

Night City Shot. Underexposed! -_-

Fiona and I. Too bad the contrast is so low for this one, otherwise it would’ve turn out better!


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