The Real Boxing Day Damage

So, there was no way that I would come home half empty-handed on Boxing Day. I now know why I didn’t spend much on Boxing Day. It was because I haven’t felt the itch kick in just yet. When I finally did the next day, I headed back to the city with Kin this time to grab a Scanpan Impact 5-piece cookware set which had a 50% discount.

The thing is, I don’t even have the space to put them in my tiny little apartment, I know that fairly well. But I bought them anyway with the excuse that I might be moving out to an unfurnished house next year and I’ll need a proper cookware set then hahahaha!

Awesome, beautiful set of cookware – which I can’t use now and will have to leave them unpacked in the box and stuff it somewhere in the corner of the apartment.

The other upside of getting this cookware set is that I actually cleaned up a LOT of junk at my place today just so I could fit the box into one of the corners, lol! Finally threw away my uni textbooks after like what, four years?!

The next, next day, I got more skincare to add to the collection ‘cos 1) one came with a free gift; and 2) the other was dirt cheap I basically got four other products for only $4. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how I got conned into buying all these shit awesome stuff for my face. Man, they’d better work wonders for my face I tell ya! *shakes fist in air

Overall Boxing Day and post-Boxing Day damage:

  • Two Sass & Bide tops
  • Nail lacquer
  • Scanpan Impact cookware set
  • Moisturizer (with free gifts!)
  • SK-II skincare set with a free silk scarf

So tell me, did Boxing Day do you a huge damage this year as well?


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Jessica Blaise S

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4 thoughts on “The Real Boxing Day Damage”

  1. weiii, that SKII set is the $900+ one from myer har?!! hahahaha, the silk scarf promotion is on for quite a while already le, that’s why i decided not to get it on boxing day hehehe 😛
    And what’s the “shit” u talking about re the $4 one?? Estee lauder?????


    1. SIAO $900 bucks I won’t buy lah! LOL! Gila mehhh! The $4 one is SK-II set! Cos I only wanted to get my facial treatment essence, almost finish liaw, but they had the skincare set so I asked how much is the essence if sold individually (I forgot the price liaw mah) then she said $185. The gift pack $189 only loh!! Got extra big bottle of toner plus mask, cleansing gel and moisturizer!!! SOOOOO “DAI” YOU KNOW! I’ll dui bu qi myself if I don’t buy it, lol!!!


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