I’m Coming Home

I can’t believe it. The long awaited moment has finally come. I’ll be flying back home in 9 more days! I’ll finally get to spend Chinese New Year with my family and friends this year! Chinese New Year is just not the same if you’re not back home.

This whole time, I’ve been having the weirdest dream ever. In this dream, I was always back in Miri for a short trip and that day would always happen to be the last day of my trip. Then, either my mum or Wing Kin or whoever would suggest that we go grab a bite somewhere but no one, NO ONE would suggest that we go grab a bowl of gan mien. And at this moment, I’d suddenly remember the fact that I haven’t had any gan mien during my entire trip back home. How tragic is that? By then, I would start demanding someone to bring me to one of the stalls so I can have my bowl of gan mien but of course, that never happens ‘cos I’d usually wake up about then. Sucks to be me 😦

The good news is, I’m about to sink my teeth into lots and LOTS of Malaysian food 9 days from now, hehehehe! I just can’t wait!


Ring Light (Made With Love)

During the last week of year 2010, I received a handmade gift from Kin (which I thick-facedly requested from him hahaha). I asked him to make me a ring light for portrait photography and he did!

Took him a few hours to complete the whole thing. The trickiest part was the wiring and the electrical bits. Thank God we got help from another friend of ours who’s an electrical engineer, Brandon! Their first attempt failed because there wasn’t enough current to light up all the bulbs so they went back to Bunnings to buy more electrical devices. Sounds so high-tech, haha!

Here’s a photo of him during the work in progress, hahaha.

After dinner. It was dark already and there they were, outside the garage, trying to figure out how to connect the wires and stuff during their second attempt. Yes, they even dragged a standing lamp outside as their light source.

Finally, the completed product! Please excuse the cacat little bulb on the right hand side of the picture (and the scruffy-looking person holding it haha!). One of the light bulbs wasn’t working so we had to make do with a temporary smaller light bulb, hehe.

I tried out the ring light immediately upon reaching home ‘cos I was filled with excitement! It worked perfectly albeit being a little too hot. Now that I have this awesome handmade gear by Kin, hopefully I’ll spend more time working on portrait photography, hehehe.

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!

How did your countdown go last night? Kin and I hung out with another couple last night. Had dinner at Tong 86, which I missed terribly, and drank lots of soju. Tried a bit of rice wine as well but because I was driving, I didn’t have too much of that. To add some final touches to our awesome dinner, we had some Korean ice-creams, hahaha! I had the strawberry-flavored “screw bar” (*cough* Nothing sexual. That just happens to be the name of the ice-cream ;)) while the others had melon- & watermelon- flavored ones. They were all super tasty and yummy!

I laughed so much for the entire night. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what but everything that we say just seemed so funny at that moment! Soon enough, my girlfriend started making fun of these other Koreans next to our tables and commented on their chinky eyes while pulling back her eyes in the classic “chink eye” pose WTF!!! Oh, you can imagine how hard I laughed and laughed. Of course, I’ve already turned lobster red after my second shot of soju -_- Fail!

After dinner, we decided to take a stroll in Northbridge. They had a couple of stages set up for dance performance and stuff. It wasn’t that packed just yet ‘cos it was still early but people were starting to queue up outside the pubs. We didn’t have anything better to do after that so we decided to play pool. Woohoo! Something I totally suck at! It was fun though!! We had six games I think and it was a draw. No flying balls off the pool table for me but for Kin HAHAHAHA!

We left at about 11pm because they had to go for the midnight service at their church. The guys were quite drunk already by then and started talking incoherently and LOUDLY -_- I was THIS close to tying a cloth around Kin’s mouth to shut him up when two policemen rode past us on their horses. We could’ve ended up in jail last night T_T

Anyway, we got home before midnight, turned on the TV hoping to catch some live TV on the Northbridge countdown but nothing was on -_- All we got to watch was the fireworks display in Sydney. Ah, better than nothing I’d say. We also didn’t forget to wish each other “Happy New Year” and seal it with a kiss at 12 o’clock, LOL!

2010 was a good year. But 2011 will be even better!

Here’s to wishing you all a very Happy New Year!