Ring Light (Made With Love)

During the last week of year 2010, I received a handmade gift from Kin (which I thick-facedly requested from him hahaha). I asked him to make me a ring light for portrait photography and he did!

Took him a few hours to complete the whole thing. The trickiest part was the wiring and the electrical bits. Thank God we got help from another friend of ours who’s an electrical engineer, Brandon! Their first attempt failed because there wasn’t enough current to light up all the bulbs so they went back to Bunnings to buy more electrical devices. Sounds so high-tech, haha!

Here’s a photo of him during the work in progress, hahaha.

After dinner. It was dark already and there they were, outside the garage, trying to figure out how to connect the wires and stuff during their second attempt. Yes, they even dragged a standing lamp outside as their light source.

Finally, the completed product! Please excuse the cacat little bulb on the right hand side of the picture (and the scruffy-looking person holding it haha!). One of the light bulbs wasn’t working so we had to make do with a temporary smaller light bulb, hehe.

I tried out the ring light immediately upon reaching home ‘cos I was filled with excitement! It worked perfectly albeit being a little too hot. Now that I have this awesome handmade gear by Kin, hopefully I’ll spend more time working on portrait photography, hehehe.

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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