I’m Coming Home

I can’t believe it. The long awaited moment has finally come. I’ll be flying back home in 9 more days! I’ll finally get to spend Chinese New Year with my family and friends this year! Chinese New Year is just not the same if you’re not back home.

This whole time, I’ve been having the weirdest dream ever. In this dream, I was always back in Miri for a short trip and that day would always happen to be the last day of my trip. Then, either my mum or Wing Kin or whoever would suggest that we go grab a bite somewhere but no one, NO ONE would suggest that we go grab a bowl of gan mien. And at this moment, I’d suddenly remember the fact that I haven’t had any gan mien during my entire trip back home. How tragic is that? By then, I would start demanding someone to bring me to one of the stalls so I can have my bowl of gan mien but of course, that never happens ‘cos I’d usually wake up about then. Sucks to be me 😦

The good news is, I’m about to sink my teeth into lots and LOTS of Malaysian food 9 days from now, hehehehe! I just can’t wait!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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